MOS 68L/Occupational Therapy SPC Duty Descriptions

68L Occupational Therapy Sergeant

In the role of a Prevention Platoon Sergeant within a Combat and Operational Stress Control (COSC) Detachment, this individual manages and coordinates Behavioral Health prevention outreach efforts. They also oversee Behavioral Health classes and weekly briefings while providing assistance in a diverse range of psychological and social services. Serving as the senior 68L for the unit, they assist Occupational Therapists in evaluating and rehabilitating Soldier members, aiming to enhance functional independence in Activities of Daily Living. Their primary responsibilities include the training, development, and welfare of two NCOs and six Soldiers.

Occupational Therapy Specialist

Functioning as an assistant to registered military occupational therapists, this individual conducts patient interviews, evaluates and tests patients, and develops treatment programs. They provide guidance and assistance to patients in order to facilitate maximum recovery by reducing physical and mental disabilities resulting from illness or trauma. Additionally, they promote injury prevention and encourage lifestyle modifications to improve overall fitness.

Occupational Therapy Specialist

As the Senior 68L for the unit, this individual assists Occupational Therapists in evaluating and rehabilitating Soldiers to enhance functional independence in Activities of Daily Living. They assume primary responsibility for the training, development, and welfare of three Soldiers. Furthermore, they offer counseling, mentoring, and guidance, and provide training in rifle marksmanship, mental health, and individual and team combat tactics.

Occupational Therapy Specialist

In the capacity of an Occupational Therapy Specialist, this individual evaluates patients and establishes realistic fitness goals. They develop intervention plans aimed at improving the patient’s ability to perform daily activities related to life or career. Regular meetings with patients are conducted to guide them through prescribed exercises as part of the intervention plan. Furthermore, they review patient progress to assess the effectiveness of the intervention plan and identify areas that require improvement.

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