• Increased communication between the MST and the host nation, playing an instrumental role in the overall success of the surgery workflow.
  • Drove over 3,000 miles to transport supplies and personnel during medical missions, ensuring zero lost equipment or supplies.
  • Researched and compared multiple Class VIII supply kits, resulting in increased patient flow by reducing bed turnover rates and minimizing Operating Room downtime between cases.
  • Led the surgical instrumentation training program for joint coalition forces at Al Asad Role 2, providing instruction on proper instrument sterilization and maintenance.
  • Improved the 68D Period of Instructions (POI) by actively participating on the Curriculum Committee for the AMEDD C&S, resulting in a 20-hour change to the POI.
  • Provided superior care to both the 3-4 BGD and soldiers outside of the command, sustaining operations despite limited personnel and equipment.
  • Demonstrated superb leadership as the Senior NCO for Perioperative Services, contributing to positive patient outcomes in over 1,500 surgical procedures.
  • Proved to be a vital member of the Air Force’s first Forward Surgical Team, contributing to the team’s success.
  • Worked diligently with a positive attitude during high-tempo missions, serving as a vital asset to the Med Command.
  • Amplified local medical capacity by assuming the care of 100 trauma patients and 150 outpatients.
  • Trained fellow medics in creating a weekly MEDPROS Readiness Tracker, significantly boosting medical readiness.
  • Facilitated a rapid reset process after a demanding mission, enabling the team to quickly support another high-tempo operation.
  • Provided top care during 11 mass casualties, delivering 48 hours of medical-surgical care and intensive care unit recovery.
  • Organized the Fort Sill Women’s History Luncheon, which was attended by 500+ Soldiers and civilians.
  • Focused on realistic combat medic training, reducing qualification time, and supporting 350 medevac missions with 65 casualties transported successfully.
  • Taught Combat Lifesaver (CLS) training to 50 soldiers and familiarized Navy personnel with hospital operations and EMT section procedures.
  • Performed FST daily duties in the absence of the Detachment Sergeant, ensuring a seamless transition with day-to-day operations.
  • Trained 6 ASG personnel, 10 FST personnel, and 4 Air Force personnel in proper aseptic techniques.
  • Recovered and turned in over $500,000 worth of excess equipment for the 874th Forward Surgical Team.
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