Practical Nursing Specialist Duty Descriptions

68C Clinical Flight Coordinator

Serves as the Clinical Flight Coordinator (CFC), assuming responsibility for two Enlisted and two Officers assigned. Facilitates the timely care and movement of Soldiers undergoing processing at the Deployed Warrior Medical Management Clinic (DWMMC). Ensures efficient administration and clinical coordination between the CFC and multidisciplinary teams. Reviews and assists in the arrival and departure of Wounded Warriors from various theaters. Coordinates patient care and out-processing with internal and external hospital staff to ensure proper clinical validation for medical evacuation. Compiles and analyzes data to assess the timeliness and effectiveness of patient movement and care.


Serves as the Noncommissioned Officer in Charge (NCOIC) for a 12-bed Mixed Medical Surgical Ward at Bayne-Jones Army Community Hospital, which provides care for 8,000 Soldiers, 13,000 family members, and 40,000 retirees. Oversees the welfare of four Soldiers, two Officers, and eight GS Civilians. Holds direct accountability for the training and integration of incoming personnel to the ward. Maintains and ensures the proper functioning of medical equipment valued at over $652,695.43, as well as Class VIII supplies worth over $32,000.

68C20 Licensed Practical Nurse

Serves as a Licensed Practical Nurse in a 20-bed Intensive Care Unit (ICU)/Intensive Care Ward (ICW). Provides guidance and supervision to 23 junior medical personnel in a 164-bed Combat Support Hospital. Collaborates directly with the Surgical Team, offering expertise and insights on medical matters at the unit level. Assists the medical NCOIC in providing guidance to the medical section personnel. Maintains responsibility for the accountability and maintenance of medical equipment and supplies valued at over $120,000.

Practical Nurse 68C2O

Serves as the NCOIC for a 12-bed Intensive Care Unit (ICU) in an 84-bed Combat Support Hospital (CSH), which is prepared for rapid and deliberate deployments in support of the ????? Corps and worldwide contingencies. Ensures the welfare of ## Soldiers and provides direct oversight for the training and integration of incoming squad members. Maintains and ensures the proper functioning of medical equipment and Class VIII supplies.

68C20 Practical Nursing Specialist

Adopts a team approach to deliver patient and family-centered care in adherence to professional, hospital, and section standards. Assists in training and providing administrative support to military and civilian personnel. Contributes to the accountability and tracking of all office and medical equipment assigned to the section on the department hand receipt. Holds responsibility for educating, training, and mentoring junior enlisted Soldiers and civilian staff to support their professional development and career progression.

Nurse Case Manager

Serves as a Nurse Case Manager at an SRP site. Coordinates and ensures that Active/Guard/Reserve Soldiers referred during the SRP/RSRP/MOB/DEMOB process receive timely medical care. Drafts waivers, nursing care plans, and other necessary documentation for CENTCOM, SOUTHCOM, PACOM, EUCOM, and AFRICOM. Informs Guard/Reserve Soldiers about available healthcare entitlements upon discharge from active duty status. Maintains accurate data entry into AHLTA and the nurse case management tracker. Assists in facilitating requests and the movement of Soldiers requiring care under the Warrior in Transition Program.

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