MOS 68A Biomedical Equipment Specialist Duty Descriptions

Medical Equipment Repair Sergeant (68A20)

Serves as the NCO in charge of Medical Equipment Repair, with responsibilities encompassing the well-being, development, and accountability of three junior Soldiers within the Equipment Maintenance Branch; coordinates acceptance technical inspections and conducts scheduled and unscheduled installations, modifications, and preventive maintenance on medical equipment valued at over $168 million. This support is extended to a 172-bed medical center, 22,000 beneficiaries, 22 satellite medical and dental clinics, as well as all TO&E medical assets at Fort Bragg. Ensures adherence to shop policies and safety regulations.

Biomedical Equipment Sergeant

Assumes the crucial role of the Biomedical Equipment Sergeant at a deployed Brigade Medical Supply Office, providing vital medical maintenance support to over 23 dispersed medical units across six Forward Operating Bases in support of OEF XII. Accountable for servicing and maintaining all scheduled and unscheduled medical equipment throughout the 3BCT AOR. Organizes maintenance operations, enhances workflow efficiency, troubleshoots, repairs, and conducts inspections on more than 600 pieces of medical equipment. Ensures the maintenance and accountability of medical equipment valued at over $1,000,000, with direct responsibility for one Soldier.

Biomedical Equipment Specialist

Schedules and performs Preventive Maintenance Checks and Services (PMCS) on medical equipment. Conducts electrical safety inspection tests, calibrations, and certification services in collaboration with USAMMA during annual calibrations. Replaces unserviceable components, modules, and assemblies as authorized by the Maintenance Allocation Charts. Maintains a technical library for medical equipment and performs technical inspections on new or transferred medical equipment in accordance with AR 40-61. Manages required manual equipment files and inspects, verifies serviceability, and reports any items rendered unserviceable to the command.

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