MOS 51C Contracting NCO Duty Descriptions

Contingency Contracting Officer

Serves as part of a deployable Contingency Contracting Team. Their main responsibilities include leveraging the local economy for contracted life and logistic support, contracting supplies, services, and minor construction for the 60,000 Soldiers and Civilians in USARPAC, and providing contracting advice to unit commanders and S4s. They also deploy in support of Combined/Joint TSCP and JCS exercises in the PACOM AOR, train and supervise Field Ordering Officers and Contracting Officers Representatives, and provide operational flexibility to supported commanders.

E6 Contracting NCO

Serves as an Acquisition, Logistics, and Technology (AL&T) Contracting NCO in a Contracting Support Brigade. They assist with supporting contracting battalion staff operations and functions while also supporting contracting missions within the Army Service Component Commander’s Area of Responsibility or Theater of Operation. Their primary mission is to deploy as a member of the Early Entry Module (EEM) contingency contracting support brigade and provide support in various contingencies as required.

E7 Contracting NCO

Serves as an AL&T Contracting Noncommissioned Officer in the Operations and Requirement Section of the CSB/Principle Assistant Responsible For Contracting (PARC). They provide administrative assistance in executing and administering/ revising contracting support plans, annexes, and appendices for operational, contingency, and deliberate plans associated with CSB/PARC AOR operations. They also assist with integrating these plans with the AFSB and provide contracting support to the AFSB.

E7 Contracting NCO

Provides administrative and logistics assistance with requirements generation execution for annual Joint Chief of Staff, multi-national, joint service operations, and exercises. They help identify requirements, develop and implement procedures and processes for modular contracting teams, and assist with the coordination of the Army Contingency Contracting Equipment Package (ACCEP) with the AFSB. They are also qualified as a level II warranted contracting officer.

E8 Plans & Operations Contracting NCO

Serves as an AL&T Plans & Operations Contracting NCOIC in the Operations and Requirement Section of CSB/PARC. They assist with the execution, administration/revision, and integration of contracting support plans, annexes, and appendices for operational, contingency, and deliberate plans associated with PARC AOR operations. They provide operational and requirement generation support for deployed joint task forces and joint forces in the AOR.

E8 Plans & Operations Contracting NCOIC

Assists with operations and requirements generation execution in support of Army, Joint, and multi-national forces and exercises. They lead, deploy, and execute operations and requirements personnel for standing operations and orders, contingency plans, and deliberate plans. They also assist with the development, revision, and maintenance of operational databases and plans for Army Contingency Contracting Equipment Packages (ACCEP) in coordination with the AFSB. They are qualified as a Level III warranted contracting officer.

E9 Senior Enlisted Contracting Advisor

Holds the CSM/SGM Position. They serve as the Senior Enlisted Contracting Advisor to the CSB/PARC/Commander, COL CSL Command Position. Their role encompasses advising commanders on various matters related to policy, planning, strategy, guidance, equal opportunity, personnel management, training, resources, readiness, discipline, and professional development of military contracting personnel, DA Civilians, and all assigned personnel. They also monitor tasking from higher headquarters, manage strength management and assignment reports of all assigned personnel.

Submitted by MSG David Bangura

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