MOS 46Z, Public Affairs Chief Duty Descriptions

46Z Public Affairs Operations NCO

Serving as a Public Affairs Operations NCO for the esteemed xxxx Division, within the xxxxx Brigade, entails extensive responsibilities. These include conducting thorough research and developing comprehensive command information and news coverage to effectively support the Public Affairs Goals of the Brigade Commander. Furthermore, the role involves the development and implementation of operations and fragmentary orders, preparation of exercise documents, and the creation of a deployment coverage plan. Consolidating and analyzing weekly SITREPs, participating in communication policy and standard development, and providing mentorship and training to xx Mass Communications NCOs and yy Unit Public Affairs Representatives are integral aspects of this position.

Chief PA NCO/46Z5O

As the Chief PA NCO/46Z5O, the primary duty revolves around supervising, planning, coordinating, implementing, and executing all events associated with the PRNG Public Affairs Program. This is done in strict accordance with directives and guidance from the DOD, ARMY, NGB, and PRNG-TAG. Additionally, developing and implementing ideas for Public Affairs Guidances and Annexes, serving as a media liaison to the civilian media, and overseeing the planning of internal, external, and community missions are key responsibilities. The role also includes editing and approving various media products such as newspapers, newsletters, broadcasts, and social media content for both internal and external audiences. Providing valuable advice to PRNG leadership regarding PA campaigns, communication plans, and media strategies, as well as serving as a liaison between PRNG and local, national, and international media outlets, local/private organizations, and state/federal agencies requesting PRNG-PAO support, further enhances the significance of this position.

46Z40/Public Affairs NCOIC

Functioning as a 46Z40/Public Affairs NCOIC for the esteemed Army Reserve Medical Command, the primary role involves conducting public affairs and broadcast operations to provide comprehensive support. This includes assisting in the supervision and administration of Army public affairs programs, primarily through the creation of news releases, articles, web-based content, videos, and photographs for internal and external news media usage. Facilitating media relations support, conducting research and preparation of information, articles, web-based material, videos, and photographs highlighting Army Reserve personnel and activities, and providing technical guidance and professional support to subordinates and superiors in fulfilling their duties are crucial responsibilities. Additionally, serving as a writer, reporter, editor, videographer, and producer in television productions, as well as performing operator-level maintenance on assigned equipment, further enhances the overall operational efficiency.

46Z40/PA Training NCO AGR

As a 46Z40/PA Training NCO AGR, the primary focus lies in planning, developing, coordinating, and implementing comprehensive training plans, guidelines, procedures, reports, and assessments for a team of 20 Soldiers. Conducting training in strict accordance with Army training doctrine, preparing unit training records, operation orders, mobilization plans, SOPs, and weekly/monthly readiness reports, as well as coordinating the integration of new Soldiers into the unit and facilitating their unit accounts and school arrangements are integral responsibilities. Additionally, managing the daily inventory of equipment and supplies valued at over $500,000, supervising the research, preparation, and dissemination of information through news releases, radio, and television products further contribute to the successful execution of duties.

46Z40/Media Relations NCO

Public Affairs Operations NCOIC Working in tandem as the Command Information Officer and Media Relations Officer, the role encompasses the production of quarterly magazines, monthly newsletters, bulletins, and brochures to provide essential internal and external information to the command and the public. The management of a Hometown News Release Program and a Community Relations Program is also part of the responsibilities. Additionally, supervising assigned ARS Soldiers, assisting the Media Relations Officer in coordinating media coverage for command functions and activities such as WHWCAP, CoC, and the mobilization of subordinate units, executing press advisories and press releases for exercises, coordinating with RRC, OCPA, and other units to support command functions, writing press releases for the command and subordinate units when necessary, and fulfilling all mandatory command requirements in the administration of personnel, logistics, and daily operations of the PAO section are integral to the role.

46Z4O-Public Affairs Operations NCO-Print Team

Assuming the position of a 46Z4O Public Affairs Operations NCO-Print Team, the key responsibility lies in training, supervising, and providing mentorship to Soldiers within the Print section to enable their career progression. Moreover, the meticulous maintenance and accountability of equipment valued at $96,000 are crucial aspects of the role. Additionally, producing news and public affairs products in accordance with the training provided by the Defense Information School (DINFOS) and Defense Media Activity (DMA) ensures the delivery of high-quality and professional output.

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