MOS 46R Public Affairs Broadcast Specialist

MOS 46Q and MOS 46R were combined and are now MOS 46S, Public Affairs Mass Communications Specialist.

Public Affairs Broadcast Sergeant

Assuming the esteemed position of a Public Affairs Broadcast Sergeant within one of the four distinguished Mobile Public Affairs Detachments in the Army, the key responsibilities encompass the meticulous orchestration of broadcast production and submission. This includes the production of The Field Report and other command information videos that are entrusted to the skilled broadcast team. In addition, providing comprehensive media awareness training to Army units stationed across the installation is an integral aspect of this role. Furthermore, serving as an escort to external news media representatives and ensuring their smooth facilitation is a crucial duty. The diligent oversight of organic tactical equipment, digital video broadcast equipment, and computer systems, collectively valued at more than $50,000, also falls under the purview of this position.

Broadcast NCO

Excelling as a Broadcast NCO for the prestigious American Forces Network Vicenza, the pivotal role involves strategic planning and production of captivating radio, television, and web-based products. These engaging creations cater to an extensive audience comprising over 10,000 military personnel and DoD civilians stationed in Italy, as well as an impressive viewership of 350,000 individuals across Europe. Additionally, assuming responsibility for monitoring the tracking system, which safeguards a remarkable inventory of broadcast equipment worth more than $5,000,000, is a critical aspect of this position. Moreover, providing invaluable technical and tactical expertise to the Station Manager and Operations Manager regarding broadcast production and protocol further enhances the overall operational efficiency.

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