MOS 42R Army Bandsperson Duty Descriptions


As a Bandsperson, your role revolves around performing music on woodwind instruments and showcasing proficiency in various musical styles. Whether it’s marching band, ceremonial band, concert band, jazz band, or popular compositions, you bring your skills to the stage. You excel in playing the flute, clarinet, or saxophone and contribute to solo performances, as well as full orchestra concerts. Your responsibilities extend beyond performing, as you also tune instruments, adjust sound systems, transpose music, and conduct operator maintenance on all assigned musical equipment. Your versatility and dedication to your craft ensure that the music you create is of the highest quality.

Army Bandperson – Any Skill Level

As an Army Bandperson, regardless of your skill level, you demonstrate your musical abilities on a specific instrument. You are expected to perform in various styles of music, such as marching band, ceremonial band, concert band, jazz band, and popular compositions. Whether playing the flute, clarinet, saxophone, or any other designated instrument, you contribute to different ensembles, ranging from solo performances to full concert bands. You possess the skills to tune your instrument to the desired pitch, transpose moderately easy music, discriminate and match pitch, and perform operator maintenance on all assigned musical equipment. Your commitment to excellence shines through in your musical performances.

Army Bandsperson

As an Army Bandsperson, you play a specific instrument in a designated Musical Performance Team. Your role involves sight-reading secondary parts to ceremonial music and medium to difficult marches. Drawing on your knowledge of basic music theory, you provide technical guidance to lower-grade personnel to help them fulfill their duties effectively. Additionally, you are responsible for performing first echelon maintenance on your musical instrument, ensuring it remains in optimal condition. Your contributions to the team enhance the overall musical experience, and your dedication to your instrument and craft is evident in your performances.

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