MOS 42F HR Information System Mgt Duty Descriptions

Human Resource Information System Management Specialist

As a Human Resource Information System Management Specialist, your role revolves around overseeing personnel information systems for teams assigned to Camp Lemonnier, Djibouti (CLDJ). Your primary objective is to ensure timely and effective personnel support by troubleshooting and resolving network hardware and software anomalies. You are responsible for ensuring that files are maintained in accordance with Army standards and monitoring the interface with other automated systems. Additionally, you track the currency of data and the status of unresolved errors, taking the necessary corrective actions. You also assist team members with data updates and are accountable for the health, welfare, and professional growth of two junior enlisted Soldiers under your supervision.

HR Information System Management Specialist

As an HR Information System Management Specialist, your key responsibilities include receiving, processing, and maintaining personnel information files. You coordinate and reconcile application, configuration, and data to ensure accuracy and consistency. You prepare and transmit documents to the servicing facility and maintain organizational and system control files. Monitoring and operating the automated interface with other systems is also part of your duties. You actively track feedback from HQDA (Headquarters, Department of the Army) and take corrective actions as required. Additionally, you monitor system performance, identify problems and discrepancies, and provide assistance to users. Updating regulations and other publications relevant to the HR information system falls under your purview, and you maintain functional files to support these activities.

Information System Management Supervisor

As an Information System Management Supervisor, your role centers around supervising the operation and maintenance of personnel information systems. You advise the commander on the readiness of the personnel system and ensure the installation of security fixes, operating system patches, and antivirus software on workstations and servers. You review cyclic and other reports to assess system performance and coordinate with the servicing data processing facility. Planning for mobilization support and reviewing system reports and statistics are also part of your responsibilities. Based on your analysis, you prepare recommendations for personnel actions. Moreover, you are responsible for overseeing equipment valued in excess of $1,200,000, ensuring its proper functioning and maintenance.

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