42A Human Resources NCOIC Duty Descriptions

Human Resources NCOIC

Serving as the proponent for the Headquarters (HQ) Detachment, offering authoritative guidance on matters concerning all aspects of MILPER operations. Preparing policies and standard operating procedures (SOPs) for the HQ Detachment Commander. Maintaining comprehensive knowledge of MILPER programs. Receiving, reviewing, coordinating, preparing, finalizing, and tracking a wide range of MILPER actions, including military pay actions, requests for orders, in- and out-processing, leave processing, Electronic Military Personnel Office (e-MILPO) transactions, awards, officer and enlisted evaluations, promotions, and coordination of the sponsorship program. Conducting detailed regulatory and procedural reviews of special action cases to ensure the adequacy and validity of each action. Serving as the primary point of contact for inquiries related to these actions. Providing immediate status reports and maintaining correspondence in compliance with The Army Records Information Management System (ARIMS).

Human Resources NCOIC

Assuming the role of Human Resources NCOIC for a Strategic Signal Brigade, which encompasses HHC Brigade and four Area Support Teams (ASTs) across the eastern half of CONUS. Reviewing consolidated reports, statistics, and applications. Preparing reports and data on personnel strength (gains and losses) in a timely and accurate manner. Handling eMILPO transaction submissions, strength reporting, and Command Inspection Program. Taking responsibility for the well-being, training, and supervision of three Soldiers. Ensuring accountability for office equipment valued at $75,000.

Rear Detachment Human Resources NCOIC

Designated as the Rear Detachment Human Resources NCOIC for the 306th Aerial Exploitation Battalion (AEB), which comprises 275 Officers and Enlisted personnel. Supervising and managing the processing and tracking of all personnel actions, awards, NCOERs, promotions, suspension of favorable actions, leaves and passes, Change of Command, award ceremonies, and military pay actions. Responsible for processing transactions into E-MILPO. Taking charge of the well-being, training, and professional development of two NCOs and fifteen Soldiers. Accountable for automation equipment valued at over $8,000.


Providing advisory, assistance, and counseling services to the Commander, NCOs, and Soldiers on personnel matters. Reviewing and consolidating reports, statistics, and personnel actions submitted to higher headquarters. Managing the unit’s Military Personnel Record Jackets (DA 201 Files), medical records, and dental records. Advising the commander on personnel strength, shortages, and overages. Handling the unit’s financial transactions on RLAS. Providing technical guidance and training to a section of six Soldiers. Taking responsibility for equipment worth over $75,000. Coordinating the quality of life program and fostering esprit-de-corps.

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