MOS 42A Human Resources NCO Duty Descriptions

HR NCO for a Headquarters and Headquarters Company

As the HR NCO for a Headquarters and Headquarters Company, my primary responsibility is to provide administrative support to XXX personnel. This includes maintaining the enlisted rating scheme and preparing daily readiness reports (PERSTAT). I am also tasked with reviewing awards, evaluations, promotions, personnel actions, and consolidated reports. Additionally, I directly supervise eight soldiers, ensuring their health, welfare, and training. Furthermore, I am accountable for the accountability and serviceability of equipment valued at over $100,000.

Human Resources Sergeant

In my role as the Human Resources Sergeant, I am responsible for providing personnel and administrative support to 95 personnel. This entails managing, processing, reviewing, and coordinating administrative tasks related to personnel accountability, strength management, evaluations, awards, promotions, and reductions. I also handle the necessary updates to soldiers’ electronic files. As part of my duties, I supervise and mentor four soldiers, taking full accountability for their health, welfare, morale, training, and actions.

Human Resources NCO, PAD, 42A20

I serve as the Human Resources Sergeant within the Personnel Actions Division (PAD) of a Major Army Command (MACOM) level organization. This organization provides direct support to a four-star Army Command, which includes a Brigade Headquarters, three separate Battalions, five NATO Rapid Deployment Corps, and three Joint Forces Command Headquarters. With a total of 1,400 personnel across 35 locations spanning 13 European countries, my responsibilities encompass overseeing the screening and dissemination of senior enlisted and officer promotion boards. I am also responsible for monitoring and processing personnel actions and congressionals.

42A Human Resources NCO

As a Human Resources NCO for a deployed medical brigade comprising over 3,000 personnel, I am involved in providing full-spectrum operations of essential personnel services for the Army’s largest deployed medical task force. This task force includes an Air Force Theater Hospital, three Combat Support Hospitals, two Multifunctional Battalions, and a Dental Company, all dispersed throughout the Iraqi Theater of Operations. Managing a Direct Reporting Unit, I am accountable for integrating all aspects of personnel accountability, personnel actions, awards, evaluations, and strength management. In addition, I supervise three junior NCOs and three soldiers.

Human Resource NCO

In my capacity as a Human Resource NCO, I support a Brigade Rear Detachment consisting of over 190 personnel. I am responsible for the overall supervision of the Brigade Rear Detachment Administration Center, advising and briefing the Rear Detachment Commander on personnel-related issues. Additionally, I take charge of the health, welfare, and professional development of two NCOs and six soldiers.

42A3O Human Resource NCO

As a 42A3O Human Resource NCO, I perform the duties of and supervise the functions of the preceding skill levels. This includes reviewing consolidated reports and statistics, preparing recommendations for personnel actions to higher headquarters, and analyzing reports and data on the strength (gains and losses) of personnel. I also make duty assignments for enlisted personnel and assess system performance through the review of cyclic and other reports. Maintaining liaison with the servicing data processing facility and field managers of interfaced systems is another aspect of my responsibilities.

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