MOS 38B Civil Affairs Specialist Duty Descriptions

Civil Affairs Operations NCO

Serves as the Operations Sergeant for a Civil Affairs Company, ensuring the effective planning, coordination, communication, and safe implementation of operations, as well as individual and collective task requirements. The goal is to support the Company Command Team’s intent and achieve overall Company mission readiness, training, and mobilization requirements. Additionally, assists the Training NCO in monitoring production indicators and statistics, while coordinating and conducting administrative activities of the Civil Military Operations team with other organizations. Supervises CTT training, plans monthly work schedules and training plans with the Team Sergeants and OIC.

38B5M First Sergeant, Civil Affairs Company

Serves as the Senior Enlisted member of a 32-Soldier Civil Affairs Company, executing Civil Military Operations (CMO) in support of theater objectives and regional engagement strategies. Provides advice to the Commander on mission-related matters and Soldier development and readiness. Responsible for unit administration, personnel actions, and individual training. Also, ensures family support, morale, welfare, and professional development for all Soldiers. Supervises and synchronizes all administrative and operational functions within the Company, including coordinating Humanitarian Assistance and Civic Action projects. Provides operational medical, logistical, and administrative support to Companies and Battalion Headquarters staff for deployment purposes. Monitors training schedules and resources, directs all OPCEN activities, and coordinates and resources all missions to meet external requirements. Responsible for the maintenance and accountability of equipment.

38B Team Sergeant

Serves as the Team Sergeant of a four-man Civil Affairs Team, which is part of the only active duty conventional Civil Affairs Battalion regionally aligned with USSOUTHCOM. Provides tactical and operational guidance on Civil Affairs matters to the Team Commander. Coordinates with country teams to plan, train, advise, and execute civil-military programs that support the Combatant Commander’s theater objectives and the US Ambassador’s country-specific objectives. Takes charge of equipment valued in excess of $1.2 million and ensures preparedness for worldwide deployment to conduct civil affairs support, humanitarian assistance, disaster relief, civic action projects, and language expertise.

38B50W4 Battalion Senior Medic (95th BDE)

Serves as the Senior Care NCO in support of the only USPACOM AOR aligned active Civil Affairs Battalion. Responsible for reporting medical assessments within the USPACOM AOR and advising the Battalion Commander on medical intelligence and mission planning for the Civil Affairs Planning Team (CAP-T) within the assigned AOR. Prepares to deploy medical capabilities within 96 hours to support humanitarian assistance and civic action projects. Maintains medical supplies and equipment valued in excess of $713,000.00. Additionally, develops and mentors 30 Civil Affairs Medical Sergeants in all aspects of health services supporting Civil Affairs Operations.

Civil Affairs NCO

Serves as a Civil Affairs NCO on a four-man Civil Affairs Team in the only active Duty FORSCOM Civil Affairs Brigade. Capable of deploying worldwide within 96 hours to provide Civil Affairs support, language skills, and regional expertise. Assists in CA assessments and provides civil information about the AOR to the supported command. Plans and coordinates with military, NGO, IO, and OGA for projects that align with the Commander’s CA plans. Responsible for the maintenance and accountability of team equipment valued in excess of $95,000.

38B60 Battalion Operations Sergeant Major

Serves as the Civil Affairs Senior Operations Sergeant Major of a Civil Affairs Battalion. Supervises the planning, integration, coordination, synchronization, and execution of Civil Affairs Plans and Operations. Oversees the planning, integration, coordination, and synchronization with joint military forces, Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), Information Operations (IO), and Other Governmental Agencies (OGAs) for operations and projects in support of the Combatant Commander’s Civil Affairs Plan. Provides comprehensive analysis of civil-military information and conducts civil reconnaissance of the Area of Responsibility (AOR) to support the supported command’s objectives.

38B5O2S Brigade Operations NCO

Serves as the Operations Sergeant on a Brigade-level staff for a Civil Affairs Brigade with a regional focus on Africa. Assists with the coordination and resource management of all missions in accordance with the requirements from USARAF, JFCOM, AFRICOM, USEUCOM, NATO, USACAPOC(A), and higher headquarters. Plans and executes all unit deployments within the Continental United States (CONUS) and outside the Continental United States (OCONUS). Contributes to the development and implementation of standardized training protocols. Plans, trains, advises, and executes Civil Military Operations to support the Commander’s theater objectives and regional strategies. Takes responsibility for team members, maintenance, and accountability of team equipment valued in excess of $150,000.

Civil Affairs Sergeant, Airborne Direct Support Civil Affairs Team

Serves as a Civil Affairs Sergeant for an Airborne Direct Support Civil Affairs Team, supporting Overseas Contingency Operations, Overseas Deployments for Training in AFRICOM/EUCOM AORs, Combat Training Center rotations, and battalion-level airborne operations. Contributes to civil-military operations, including humanitarian assistance, foreign nation support, and support to civil administration. Provides training to the team in combat skills, prepares equipment for missions, and conducts pre-combat inspections. Maintains security, overwatch, and gathers atmospherics of the battlespace. Actively participates in analysis, planning, and production of civil affairs estimates, reports, orders, and briefings.

38B30 Civil Affairs Staff Sergeant

Leads and manages a team of two intelligence analysts. Engages in researching, conducting, coordinating, and participating in analysis, planning, and production of Civil Affairs-related documents and actions that support all specialty missions. Manages and conducts area studies and assessments of designated areas of operation. Assesses, advises, trains, and supports military, government, and civilian agencies on Civil Military Operations, including Populace and Resource Control, Foreign Humanitarian Assistance, Civil Information Management, Nation Assistance, and the combat readiness and warrior task proficiency of the Civil Military Operations Center and unit personnel.

38B20 Civil Affairs Specialist

Assists in coordinating and conducting Key Leader Engagements. Contributes to the production of Civil Affairs-related products and actions in support of the Combined Joint Task Force. Responsible for assisting the Team Sergeant and Team Chief in identifying civil resources to support military operations. Facilitates humanitarian assistance activities and coordinates transportation and logistic support activities. Supervises and mentors one junior enlisted Soldier and assumes the role of acting Team Sergeant when required.

38B20 Civil Affairs Sergeant

Oversees and manages the collection, analysis, and updating of CA/CMO-related information that contributes to CA products in support of maneuver battalion commander’s operations in combat. Takes charge of the team’s supply and maintenance function, ensuring 100% accountability of vehicles and team equipment. Assists the Team Sergeant in executing the team’s Civil Affairs mission, including assignments and projects. Assumes overall responsibility for vehicle maintenance, safety, and security during mobile operations.

Civil Affairs NCOIC

Assumes the role of Non-Commissioned Officer in Charge (NCOIC) for a deployed four-Soldier Civil Affairs (CA) Team, overseeing equipment valued at $2 million. Ensures the completion of area studies and assessments through civil reconnaissance in designated areas. Provides assessment, advice, training, and support to both US and foreign military, government, and civilian agencies on various Civil Military Operations (CMO), including Populace and Resource Control, Foreign Humanitarian Assistance, Civil Information Management, Nation Assistance, and Support to Civil Administration. Augments CMO staff and offers CA planning and assessment support to maneuver units.

Civil Affairs Specialist

Assesses and determines the capabilities and effectiveness of Foreign Nation (FN)/Host Nation (HN) government systems, such as governance, public health and welfare, infrastructure, rule of law, economic stability, public education, and information. Evaluates the impact of these functions on Civil Affairs Operations and Civil Military Operations. Advises, facilitates, and assists in restoring, establishing, and organizing government functions as directed. Coordinates resources to support Civil Affairs Operations (CAO) and CMO. Assesses and determines the effects of military operations on FN/HN government functions.

38B40 Civil Affairs Team Sergeant

Conducts research, analysis, coordination, and participation in the planning and production of documents and actions related to Civil Affairs. Assists in developing interagency procedures for national or regional emergencies involving the US government. Contributes to civil-military planning and support, coordinating military resources to aid in reconstruction activities. Establishes and maintains dialogue with civilian aid agencies and relief organizations. Establishes emergency coordination and administration mechanisms in situations where political-economic structures have been incapacitated.

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