MOS 38A Civil Affairs Officer Duty Descriptions

38A Civil Affairs Team Chief

As the Civil Affairs Team Chief, your primary responsibility is to lead a Civil Affairs Team consisting of four personnel. You play a crucial role in developing the team and executing training in accordance with established training calendars, schedules, and guidance. Additionally, you are responsible for maintaining the morale, safety, timely evaluations, and professional development of all assigned personnel.

Accountability and maintenance of all assigned equipment and personnel readiness fall under your purview. During mobilization, your team, or elements thereof, provide regionally-oriented Civil-Military Operations (CMO) in support of the maneuver commander. In times of war, you assume command of Civil Affairs assets that support missions for units within the United States European Command (USEUCOM) Area of Responsibility (AOR).

38A CMOC Chief

In your role as the CMOC Chief (Civil-Military Operations Center Chief), you are responsible for facilitating continuous and seamless integration, coordination, and synchronization between military forces and unified action partners, including nonmilitary and civilian entities. Your focus is on conducting Civil-Military Integration (CMI) to ensure that forces are effectively integrated, coordinated, and synchronized within the scope of the commander’s operational plan.

You play a critical role in sharing information, identifying and distributing resources, and assisting in the execution of Civil Affairs Operations (CAO) and Civil-Military Operations (CMO). By fostering effective communication and collaboration, you contribute to the successful implementation of civil-military activities and operations.

38A Company Commander

As the Company Commander of a Civil Affairs Company, your leadership encompasses a larger scope. You command a company consisting of 32 personnel, which includes five Civil Affairs Teams, a CMOC, and Headquarters sections. Your responsibilities involve developing the company’s Mission Essential Task List (METL) and executing training in alignment with established calendars, schedules, and guidance.

Your role extends to ensuring the morale, safety, timely evaluations, and professional development of all assigned personnel. Additionally, you are accountable for the maintenance and readiness of all assigned equipment and personnel. During mobilization, your company, or elements thereof, provide regionally-oriented CMO in support of the maneuver commander. In times of war, you assume command of Civil Affairs assets supporting missions for units within the USEUCOM AOR.

Commander, Civil Affairs Battalion

As the Commander of a Civil Affairs battalion, your role is to provide ready, trained, and equipped Civil Affairs Soldiers to U.S. Army combatant commands and Joint Force operations. You are responsible for developing lethal and professional Civil Affairs Soldiers and teams capable of effectively operating in multi-domain global conflicts against potential adversaries.

Your leadership extends to the performance, welfare, and safety of 203 Soldiers dispersed across multiple states. Additionally, you are entrusted with the accountability and maintenance of over ten million dollars’ worth of assigned equipment. Through effective command and oversight, you ensure the readiness and operational effectiveness of the battalion.

Civil Affairs Battalion XO

As the Executive Officer (XO) of the 437th Civil Affairs Battalion, your role is to assist the Battalion Commander and serve as a key staff integrator. You are responsible for directing efforts associated with the logistical, administrative, and fiscal management of a Civil Affairs Battalion engaged in worldwide contingency missions.

Your duties include acting as a liaison between the Commander, staff, and subordinate units, facilitating staff coordination aligned with the Commander’s intent and supporting subordinate units. Additionally, you ensure the quality of life for Soldiers and Family Members while developing subordinate leaders through professional development initiatives. Equipment maintenance and accountability are also part of your responsibilities.

Deputy Chief REPLO

As the Deputy Chief Regional Emergency Preparedness Liaison Officer (REPLO), you serve alongside the REPLO Chief, leading a multi-service team of senior officers and non-commissioned officers. Your role involves coordinating and facilitating Defense Support of Civil Authorities (DSCA) during disasters and national security events occurring in the Southeast Region.

Your expertise lies in advising on Department of Defense (DoD) resources, capabilities, and serving as a liaison between the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Region IV and National Headquarters. You work closely with Emergency Support Function representatives, NORTHCOM, JDOMS, and other military organizations with DSCA roles to ensure effective coordination and response.

Maintaining a high state of readiness within the REPLO Team is paramount. You are responsible for ensuring all assigned personnel are trained, deployable, competent, and prepared to respond to various emergency scenarios, including man-made, natural, terrorist, or other national emergencies. Through your leadership and expertise, you contribute to the overall preparedness and response capabilities of the region.

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