Financial Management Technician Duty Descriptions

Military Pay Technician or Military Pay NCO

As a Military Pay Technician or Military Pay NCO, the primary responsibilities include reviewing military pay transactions, determining allowances and special incentive pay, and collecting debts. This role involves entering pay transactions into the automated military pay system, verifying the accuracy and completeness of documents, and resolving cases involving overpayments or underpayments. Additionally, these professionals conduct audits, handle rejected pay actions, and provide customer service by explaining entitlements, adjustments, and indebtedness related to pay accounts.

Senior Financial Management Analyst

Serves as a Senior Financial Management Analyst for an MTOE Financial Management Support Unit (FMSU) supporting a large number of Soldiers and their families. The key responsibilities include executing pre-deployment and redeployment training programs, ensuring compliance with Defense Finance and Accounting Services (DFAS) regulations and standards within the Processing sections, and enforcing internal control procedures to detect fraud, waste, and abuse of government funds. This role also involves overseeing the morale and welfare of a team of seven Soldiers.

Special Actions NCO

Serves as a Special Actions NCO in a rapid deployable Financial Management Detachment. This role involves supervising the Financial Management Special Actions section to sustain critical Defense Military Pay Office (DMPO) operations. The responsibilities include making decisions on military pay matters based on research of regulatory doctrine, preparing and distributing management reports, and providing leadership and training for a team consisting of one Soldier and one civilian.

Financial Mgt Technician: Budget Manager SL4

Assumes the roles of Debt Management Monitor (DMM), Finance Defense Travel Administrator (FDTA), and Pay Liaison. The primary responsibilities include providing assistance, tracking, and recovering funds related to DUE U.S. overpayment and collection actions. This role also involves administering the Defense Travel System (DTS), managing budgets and DTS lines of accounting (LOA), providing help desk support for DTS travelers, coordinating training for Unit Administrators, and assisting units with pay issues.


As a Comptroller, the primary responsibilities include managing and processing all Case Management System (CMS) cases and debt notifications and resolutions. This role involves assisting the Readiness NCO with pay inquiries, including pay transactions, KACE (Knowledge Articles and Collaboration Environment), service desk management, and report review and processing. Additionally, the Comptroller provides assistance in interpreting and correctly applying regulations and performs other duties related to Active Duty pay as required.

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