MOS 36A, Financial Manager Duty Descriptions

Senior Financial Management Analyst SL3

Assumes the role of Chief of Military Pay, bearing responsibility for the supervision, professional development, and technical and tactical training of four NCOs and nine Soldiers. Ensures the accurate and timely processing of pay entitlements, adhering to regulations and theater policies. Maintains and processes substantiating pay documents, conducting audits of MILPAY cycles for upload. Plans, prepares, and executes mobile pay missions in support of financial management operations within Multi-National Force Iraq-North. Demonstrates a commitment to delivering quality customer service to all Soldiers at Contingency Operating Base XXX and outlying bases.

Detachment Sergeant SL4

Serves as the Detachment Sergeant for an MTOE Financial Management detachment. Assumes responsibility for the training, health, welfare, administration, and professional development of 26 Soldiers and 8 NCOs. Assists the commander in planning, coordinating, and executing all mission support activities, including the management of DMPO sections encompassing In and Outprocessing, Reserve Pay, and Soldier Readiness Processing. Provides crucial financial management support to over 28,000 Soldiers on Fort XXX. Provides expert advice to the commander on various Soldier issues, such as awards, promotions, administrative actions, and UCMJ. Exercises responsibility over $600,000 worth of equipment.


Supervises specific duty training within the G-8 section, offering technical and operational guidance in personnel, medical, training, and logistical matters relating to the functioning of the G-8 section. Provides comprehensive technical and tactical training, guidance, and mentorship, ensuring the safety, health, and well-being of all Soldiers. Assumes the role of the Agency Program Coordinator (APC) and manages the Government Travel Charge Card (GTCC) program, overseeing and assisting over 9K Travel Card holders. Conducts training for more than 150 Finance personnel on the Financial Management Certification Program (FMCP). Processes and manages over $62M of OMAR funding in GFEBS.

Resource Management (RM) NCOIC

Serves as the Resource Management (RM) NCOIC for the 704th Military Intelligence Brigade, responsible for overseeing the financial aspects of an organization consisting of over 1700 personnel and an annual budget exceeding $35.5 million. Manages the Brigade’s travel administration, Defense Travel System (DTS), and government travel card programs. Maintains the daily operations of the RM office, ensuring the accuracy and processing of documents and providing low-density training for the section. Maintains accountability for three INSCOM control areas and directly supervises three Soldiers. Additionally, assumes the role of Platoon Sergeant for 34 Soldiers, assuming responsibility for their morale, welfare, training, and accountability.

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