MOS 35T, Military Intel Systems Maintainer Integrator

35T2O Military Intelligence Systems Maintainer/Integrator

Assumes the role of the Team Leader for the Intelligence Communications Section within the Military Intelligence Company, providing crucial support to the 2nd Infantry Brigade Combat Team (IBCT) and the 25th Infantry Division. Takes charge of developing and leading Soldiers in executing the integration, configuration, maintenance, troubleshooting, and repair of intelligence equipment as part of the IBCT’s intelligence architecture. Manages system software and hardware installation, system administration, patching, and configuration of all network devices within the intelligence architecture. Holds responsibility for the training, welfare, accountability, and professional development of two Soldiers. Ensures the accountability of $1.5 million worth of unit property and oversees the maintenance of over $28 million worth of unit property and equipment.

35T30 Military Intelligence Systems Maintainer/Integrator

Assumes the role of the Platoon Sergeant and Shop Foreman within an Intelligence Electronic Warfare (IEW) Section, providing comprehensive field and sustainment level support for the Guardrail Common Sensor 2 (GRCS2). Holds responsibility for the accountability, welfare, and professional development of 28 Soldiers. Maintains meticulous records of all platoon equipment valued at over $24 million. Executes the Army Warrior Task training program, ensuring the proficiency of assigned personnel. Oversees the MOS-specific technical training program and provides guidance to Soldiers in the GRCS Primary Mission Equipment (PME) reset plan to ensure post-mission readiness.

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