MOS 35S, Signals Collection Analyst Duty Descriptions

Signals Collection Analyst Team Leader

Assumes the role of a Team Leader for Signals Collection Analysis within a Multi-Domain Military Intelligence Company (MD MICO). Holds responsibility for the integration, planning, training, coordination, and execution of offensive and defensive cyber, electronic warfare, and space operations in the Pacific Theater. Conducts comprehensive scans of the electromagnetic spectrum using cutting-edge hardware and software for both strategic and tactical assignments. Monitors radio frequency (RF) and digital networks to locate and track adversary activities. Produces detailed tactical and strategic intelligence reports. Provides instruction to subordinates in training and leadership development. Ensures the welfare, physical fitness, morale, and discipline of five Soldiers.

Signals Collection Analyst NCOIC

Serves as the Non-Commissioned Officer in Charge (NCOIC) for Signals Collection Analysis in the 123rd Military Intelligence Company. Supervises signal collection and analysis operations, coordinating interactions with other data collection and processing activities. Allocates collection and analysis resources to meet mission requirements. Establishes operational sites for effective signal monitoring. Monitors radio frequencies and electronic signals to detect and gather foreign intelligence. Conducts signals analysis for identification and processing purposes. Maintains comprehensive logs of transmissions and correlates activities. Holds accountability for the well-being, health, training, welfare, and morale of three Soldiers.

Signals Collection Analyst

Assumes the role of a Signals Collection Analyst in the 3100th Strategic Intelligence Group. Operates state-of-the-art signals intelligence (SIGINT) equipment and generates detailed logs and technical reports. Conducts extensive scans of the radio frequency (RF) spectrum, identifying and intercepting active frequencies. Collects and processes analog and digital signals, utilizing advanced techniques. Performs testing of new prototype intelligence equipment. Identifies and reports items of intelligence interest. Engages in signals analysis to determine appropriate follow-on processing. Operates communications equipment for reporting and coordination purposes. Maintains databases to support analysis and collection operations.

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