MOS 35P, Cryptologic Linguist Duty Descriptions

SOT-A Team Leader/Sergeant

Assumes the role of a Sergeant and serves as the Team Leader of the Special Operations Team-Alpha (SOT-A). Identifies communications within a designated geographical area and classifies signals based on their activities. Analyzes foreign communications to gather information in support of mission requirements. Detects changes in transmission modes and promptly informs the relevant analytical or intercept authority. Operates systems that facilitate tasking, reporting, and coordination for Signals Intelligence. Provides summaries, transcriptions, translations, and gists of communications. Drafts regular and specialized intelligence reports, plans, and briefings. Instructs subordinates in training and leadership development. Holds responsibility for the well-being, fitness, morale, and discipline of four Soldiers.

Cryptologic Analyst-Linguist (35P) for Army Reserve Element

Performs and oversees the detection, acquisition, geolocation, identification, exploitation, and analysis of foreign communications across all levels using Signals Intelligence/Electronic Warfare (SIGINT/EW) systems. Copies, translates, transcribes, gists, and generates summaries.

35P Cryptologic Linguist (Multi-Function PLT within a BCT)

Assumes the role of a Multi-Function Platoon Team Leader, responsible for leading a team of three Soldiers within the Multi-Function Platoon (MFP) in the Military Intelligence Company (MICO) of the 1st Brigade Combat Team, 101st Airborne Division (AASLT). Provides Signals Intelligence (SIGINT) support to the Brigade Commander and Staff. Supervises the production and analysis of SIGINT products from national, theater, and tactical assets. Coordinates training on Low Level Voice Intercept (LLVI) utilizing the PRD-13 and national intelligence resources. Holds accountability for the well-being, health, training, welfare, and morale of three Soldiers.

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