MOS 35M HUMINT Collector Duty Descriptions

35M40 Senior Strategic Debriefer Sergeant

The soldier in this role is responsible for acquiring critical intelligence information through various means such as interrogations, source operations, debriefings, liaison activities, and engagements with key leaders. They may utilize interpreters or their foreign language capabilities to translate and interpret intelligence. Additionally, they supervise intelligence operations, providing technical guidance, mentorship, and oversight to subordinates. They review reports and assist in presenting information to superiors or briefing products, ensuring that accurate and relevant intelligence is effectively communicated.

HUMINT Collection Sergeant

As a Human Intelligence (HUMINT) Collection Sergeant and Multi-Function Team (MFT) Squad Leader, this soldier leads a team of eight Soldiers assigned to a Military Intelligence Company. They provide HUMINT support to the 1st Brigade Combat Team, 101st Airborne Division (AASLT). Their responsibilities include conducting and supervising Military Source Operations (MSO) to support operations at the Battalion, Brigade, and Division levels. The soldier also trains and mentors junior HUMINT Collectors and Cryptographic Linguists, focusing on MOS-related skills and warrior tasks and battle drills within the platoon. They are accountable for Army equipment valued at $450,000.

35M30 Multifunction Team (MFT) Leader

In this position, the soldier serves as a Multifunction Team (MFT) Leader in a Multifunction Platoon within the 307th Airborne Engineer Battalion (AEB), 82nd Airborne Division. They are responsible for the training, morale, discipline, and accountability of seven Paratroopers. The soldier oversees HUMINT and SIGINT Collection training missions and the integration of the MFT in support of the 1st Battalion, 505th Parachute Infantry Regiment (PIR) through exercises such as JOAX 14-01 and 1-505 PIR Emergency Deployment Readiness Exercise (EDRE). They also ensure quality control of intelligence and operational reporting and are accountable for equipment valued at over $150,000.

35ML3 Counterintelligence Agent

At this skill level, the soldier performs duties similar to the preceding skill level and provides guidance to subordinates. They direct the conduct of investigations, translation, and interpretation functions. Additionally, they assist in directing counterintelligence force protection operations (CFSO), edit investigation and translation reports, and monitor their accuracy and completeness. The soldier determines requirements for summarizing, extracting, or fully translating documents to meet operational needs.

35M HUMINT Collector

As a 35M HUMINT Collector, this soldier performs duties similar to the preceding skill level and provides guidance to subordinate Soldiers. They supervise, plan, and conduct elicitation and debriefing sessions in both English and foreign languages. The soldier screens HUMINT sources and documents to establish exploitation priorities, plans and participates in HUMINT source operations, performs translation and exploitation of captured enemy foreign and open source documents, prepares and reviews intelligence and operational reports, manages interpreters and translator operations, and conducts liaison and coordination in both English and the target language. They also perform analysis as required and deliver briefings based on their findings.

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