MOS 35D, All Source Intelligence Officer Duty Descriptions

All-Source Intel Officer

The All-Source Intel Officer is responsible for supervising the planning, collection, analysis, fusion, and dissemination of all-source intelligence and counterintelligence products. They provide advice to the commander and supported units on enemy situations, capabilities, vulnerabilities, weather, and terrain. This officer coordinates surveillance activities and advises on the use and employment of intelligence resources. They also perform intelligence preparation of the battlefield, employ automated intelligence data processing systems, and develop intelligence training programs.

All-Source Operations Officer

The All-Source Operations Officer delivers timely all-source analysis for intelligence products used to plan, coordinate, and control ground operations. They conduct research, analysis, development, and briefings of current all-source intelligence to mission crews and unit leadership. This officer monitors and presents global intelligence developments and potential threats to operations. They also provide weekly current intelligence briefings to keep operators mission-focused and globally aware. Additionally, they perform intelligence preparation of the battlefield to support operational planning.

All-Source Intelligence Officer

The All-Source Intelligence Officer supervises the operation of the Distributed Common Ground System (DCGS), which supports intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance aircraft platforms. They provide near real-time tactical threat reporting and situational awareness to local, theater, and national-level authorities. This officer analyzes weapons systems threat intelligence and supports combat forces with electronic warfare re-programming data sets. They are responsible for the initial analysis of ambiguous or unidentified electromagnetic transmissions and validating signal parameters.

Senior Intelligence Sergeant

The Senior Intelligence Sergeant serves as the senior enlisted leader in a Cavalry Squadron within an Infantry Brigade Combat Team. They supervise six intel analysts and oversee the production of all continuous intelligence preparation of the battlefield (IPB) products, including target folders, time-sensitive target grid reference graphics, battle update briefs, and graphic intelligence summaries. This sergeant also serves as the interpreter manager and is responsible for the maintenance and accountability of equipment worth over $500,000. They play a crucial role in supporting the mission of the unit and ensuring the effective use of intelligence resources.

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