MOS 31K Military Working Dog Handler

31K Kennel Master

The 31K Kennel Master serves as the Kennel Master for the largest deployable kennel in the European Theater. Their role involves arranging transportation for the deployment of working dogs and working dog teams. They act as a Veterinary Liaison, providing routine medical care to the dogs. They also provide instruction for 12 Military Working Dog (MWD) teams, ensuring they receive proper training and guidance. Maintaining the Military Working Dog Explosive Scent Kit, scheduling and supporting explosive training evolutions, and complying with NCIS Security Training Assessment and Assistance policies are additional responsibilities. The Kennel Master is responsible for the health and well-being of 14 Military Working Dogs.

31K Military Working Dog Handler

The 31K Military Working Dog Handler serves as a Military Working Dog Handler. They develop and implement realistic K9 training scenarios to enhance the skills of the working dogs. Conducting explosive sweeps of compromised facilities such as barracks, buildings, and vehicles is an important part of their duties. By doing so, they contribute to the overall safety and force protection of all personnel on the installation. They also ensure the security of Distinguished Visitors and secure locations. Reinforcing training and maintaining the health and wellness of 13 Military Working Dogs are key responsibilities of the Military Working Dog Handler.

31B4OZ6 Kennel Master

The 31B4OZ6 Kennel Master is assigned to a Combat Support Military Police Detachment that supports worldwide contingency operations and Law Enforcement Operations on a major Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC) Installation with a population of over XX,000. They are responsible for preparing Military Working Dog (MWD) teams for deployment to hostile fire areas. Additionally, they provide liaison with local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies by providing MWD teams for United States Secret Service (USSS) missions. Maintaining accountability for over $XXX,000 worth of equipment and training aids is part of their duties as a Kennel Master.

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