MOS 31D Criminal Investigation Special Agent Duty Descriptions

Special Agent

A Special Agent assigned to an MTOE (Modified Table of Organization and Equipment) criminal investigative unit provides support to the 3rd Infantry Division (3ID) and the Maneuver Center of Excellence. Their primary responsibility is to preserve the readiness of the force through expert felony criminal investigations. They conduct interviews and interrogations, process crime scenes, and employ and train on technical investigative equipment. Gathering physical, digital, and testimonial evidence is a crucial part of their role, which they identify, preserve, collect, and utilize. They also prepare written technical reports and provide testimony at hearings, boards, and courts-martial to assist commanders in improving their formations. Additionally, they maintain liaison with installation, local, and federal law enforcement officials. When ordered, they deploy worldwide to provide expert criminal investigative capabilities to the U.S. Army and joint commanders in support of contingency operations.

Detachment Sergeant

A Detachment Sergeant serves as an investigator specializing in felony criminal offenses with an Army interest. They are responsible for evaluating, processing, and photographing crime scenes, as well as collecting and analyzing physical and digital evidence. Conducting interviews and interrogations with victims, witnesses, suspects, and subjects is a critical aspect of their role. They also carry out crime prevention and analytical surveys and prepare reports documenting the results of investigations and surveys. Testifying in courts-martial proceedings and before federal, state, and local tribunals is another key responsibility. The Detachment Sergeant maintains coordination and liaison with Staff Judge Advocates and civilian attorneys and serves as the senior enlisted advisor to the Special Agent in Charge. They are also accountable for $150,000 worth of government equipment.

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