31A Military Police Officer Duty Description

Corrections Platoon Leader

Assumes the role of a Platoon Leader in a Corrections Military Police Company. Provides a readily available force of correctional Soldiers who are entrusted with the care, custody, and control of over XXX inmates at the United States Disciplinary Barracks (USDB). Assumes responsibility for the readiness, health, morale, welfare, and professional growth of XX Soldiers and XX Non-Commissioned Officers. Ensures the platoon fully executes the Commander’s programs, encompassing Training Management, Maintenance, Safety, Physical Security, Personnel, Equal Opportunity (EO), and Sexual Harassment/Assault Response and Prevention (SHARP). Oversees the accountability, security, and maintenance of government equipment valued at over $450,000.

Brigade Executive Officer

Serves as the Executive Officer of the Brigade. Assumes responsibility for establishing and enforcing staff procedures, ensuring the Commander and the staff are well-informed on matters impacting the Command and individual staff responsibilities. Leads and supervises the staff during the Military Decision Making Process (MDMP). Facilitates information flow between the staff and the Commander, conveying staff recommendations, Commander’s intent, Commander’s Critical Information Requirements (CCIR), and the Commander’s decisions. Establishes and enforces planning timelines. Supervises the Command Post and its operations. Ensures the adequacy of the Brigade’s logistics.

Force Protection Officer

Acts as the principal staff officer responsible for implementing anti-terrorism and force protection measures within the command. Advises the commander on security measures to support garrison, base-camp, or unit operating location operations. Monitors and identifies trends in criminal activities. Develops protection strategies that are integrated into the base order and relevant annexes and appendices. Identifies and recommends refinements to courses of action (COA) to mitigate vulnerabilities. Collaborates with the Chaplain, Surgeon, Equal Opportunity (EO), Sexual Harassment/Assault Response and Prevention (SHARP), Military Police, Engineer, and Signal staff sections to ensure mission success through joint efforts and mitigating measures.

Corrections and Detention Operations Officer (C/D OPS OFF)

Assumes responsibility for planning, organizing, directing, supervising, training, coordinating, and reporting activities related to operations involving detainees.

Law-Order Operations Officer (L/O OPS OFF)

Responsible for planning, organizing, directing, supervising, training, coordinating, and reporting activities during operations involving law and order.

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