Paralegal Specialist Duty Descriptions

Brigade Paralegal NCOIC

Serves as the NCO in charge of the Brigade Paralegal unit for the 15th Signal Brigade, comprising over 6,000 personnel and the U.S. Army Garrison, Fort Gordon. Responsible for the well-being, training, and daily oversight of three paralegal specialists and two civilian paralegals. Ensures accurate and prompt processing of all legal actions. Coordinates training programs on legal subjects, professional development, and Command Soldier Task and Drills. Prepares administrative separations, non-judicial punishments, hearing transcripts, investigating officer appointment memoranda, and post-trial documents. Assists in delivering timely and precise legal support to commanders at all levels. Provides assistance in trial preparation, from investigation to conclusion, including motions, pretrial confinement, and Art. 32 preliminary hearings.

27D20/ Battalion Paralegal NCO

Serves as the Noncommissioned Officer (NCO) in charge of Paralegal services for the [insert Battalion] and offers paralegal support to the [insert Brigade], comprising X,XXX Soldiers and X Summary Court-Martial Convening Authorities. Operates under the supervision of two attorneys. Receives, prepares, processes, tracks, and assumes responsibility for the accurate and prompt preparation of Article 15s, courts-martial, Article 32 preliminary hearings, administrative separations, investigations, and general officer memoranda of reprimand. Collaborates with Commanders, Command Sergeants Major, and First Sergeants, providing legal support in all core competencies. Assumes responsibility for the supervision, training, well-being, and accountability of X junior paralegals.

27D1O Paralegal Specialist

Provides paralegal support to unit commanders and the Office of the Staff Judge Advocate. Prepares legal documents for courts-martial, nonjudicial punishments, and other military justice matters. Assists in preparing line of duty determinations, separation board proceedings, and other administrative law matters. Offers assistance in the family law domain, including powers of attorney, wills, and separation decrees.

27D20/30 NCOIC, Trial Defense Services

Manages the day-to-day operations of the Trial Defense Services offices in [insert location]. Provides clerical, administrative, and logistical support to 6 Trial Defense attorneys. Assists in trial preparation. Conducts informational briefings and offers guidance and support to clients facing adverse legal and administrative actions. Screens clients, collects data, reviews case files, and maintains client and legal action trackers. Prepares monthly and quarterly reports. Assumes responsibility for training, mentoring, and counseling 1 junior paralegal assigned to the office.

27D30 Battalion Paralegal NCO

Serves as the Battalion Paralegal Noncommissioned Officer for an expeditionary signal battalion consisting of 715 Soldiers. Provides direct support to the commanders within the battalion. Offers assistance to command teams and staff at the company and battalion levels on military justice and administrative law. Attends relevant MDMP battalion-level staff meetings. Supports trial counsel by aiding in case development and maintaining and handling records, including transcription of court proceedings.

Paralegal Training at Fort Jackson

27D30 Battalion Paralegal NCO Serves as the Battalion Paralegal Noncommissioned Officer for the 1184th Deployment and Distribution Support Battalion, comprising 211 Soldiers. Provides preliminary legal, administrative, and investigative support to unit commanders and staff, coordinating legal actions. Prepares and processes legal documents in support of non-judicial, separation, and other administrative matters. Offers legal assistance support. Assumes responsibility for the administration of all military justice actions at the battalion level. Conducts extensive legal research. Coordinates and conducts necessary training sessions with unit Soldiers on Rules of Engagement (ROE) and Law of War (LOW) in preparation for upcoming deployments.

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