MOS 25W Telecomm Operations Chief Duty Descriptions

First Sergeant

25W5M First Sergeant

Assumes the pivotal role of First Sergeant within C Company, 369th Signal Battalion, 15th Regimental Signal Brigade. Directly overseeing a team comprising 11 Platoon Sergeants, three Operations NCOs, 36 Instructor/Writers, and over 500 Advance Individual Training (AIT) Soldiers. Acts as the principal advisor to the Company Commander on all matters, providing sage guidance and expertise. Takes charge of planning, coordinating, supervising, and reinforcing crucial aspects such as Warrior Tasks and Battle Drills, Senior Enlisted Development, Physical Fitness Training, and the Soldierization process. Displays an unwavering commitment to the health, welfare, morale, safety, mentoring, and discipline of the Soldiers. Serves as the focal point for accountability and leader training.

25W5M First Sergeant

Serves as the esteemed First Sergeant of the Headquarters and Headquarters Company, which is an integral part of an esteemed Expeditionary Signal Battalion. Functions as the senior enlisted advisor to the company commander, playing a pivotal role in supporting Theater-Level communications to enable seamless execution of USAREUR, EUCOM, and NATO missions. Assumes responsibility for the readiness of the battalion tactical operations center, diligently upholding high standards in training, safety, and discipline across all assigned Soldiers within the company and battalion staff. Ensures the meticulous maintenance and readiness of company vehicles and communications assemblages. Demonstrates an unwavering commitment to the training, welfare, and professional development of 125 Soldiers and their Families.

Operations NCOIC

Plans/Operations NCOIC

Assumes the crucial role of Plans/Operations NCOIC within a forward-deployed Signal Company in an esteemed Expeditionary Signal Battalion (ESB) that provides support to the 228th Signal Brigade, International Security Assistance Force, RC North, and its subordinate commands. Holds the responsibility of delivering reliable network operations, training, and automations sections to the company command team. Efficiently manages, tracks, and oversees all administrative actions concerning 130 Soldiers. Demonstrates accountability for the readiness of five vehicles, two trailers, and various office and communications equipment with a combined value exceeding $8 million. Prioritizes the morale, health, welfare, and professional development of 12 NCOs and 17 Soldiers.

25W Battalion Operations NCOIC

Serves as the Battalion Operations NCOIC within an esteemed Expeditionary Signal Battalion that plays a critical role in providing Command and Control communications to support CENTCOM. Assumes the vital responsibility of directing the planning, engineering, and lifecycle management of all communications training, network installation, and Warfighter C4I requirements. Takes charge of synchronizing the unit’s training, spending, and planning in alignment with the Brigade’s requirements. Holds accountability for resourcing and providing the necessary training direction and guidance for 515 authorized Soldiers. Assumes responsibility for the professional development and morale of 26 authorized Soldiers, as well as overseeing equipment valued at over one million dollars.

Platoon Sergeant

25W Platoon Sergeant

Takes on the crucial role of Platoon Sergeant within a Signal Detachment platoon. Assumes responsibility for the installation, operation, and maintenance of the XVIII Airborne Corps network enterprise, providing essential support to Corps-level functions at the MAIN CP. Holds accountability for the health, welfare, training, readiness, and professional development of seven NCOs and 19 Soldiers. Supervises the meticulous installation, operation, maintenance, and management of two Joint Network Node (JNN) systems, two Secure Mobile Anti-Jam Reliable Tactical Terminals (SMART-T), three Transportable Tactical Command Communications (T2C2) systems, one High Capacity Line-of-Sight (HCLOS) shelter, one network transmission team (RETRANS), 11 support vehicles, and 11 generators.

25W Expeditionary Signal Platoon Sergeant

Serves as the esteemed Expeditionary Signal Platoon Sergeant within an Expeditionary Signal Company. Assumes responsibility for the installation, operation, and maintenance of 5 AN/TRC-190(V1) and 2 AN/TRC-190(V3) Line of Site (LOS) transmission systems, as well as 1 AN/TSC-93 multi-channel hub satellite terminal. Oversees the activities of 5 CPN teams, 1 Joint Node Network (JNN) team, and 1 cable and wire team. Maintains accountability for all associated trailers, vehicles, and power generation equipment, valued at over 7.5 million dollars. Prioritizes the morale, welfare, training, discipline, and safety of over 54 Soldiers.

25W40 Scout Platoon Sergeant

In the role of Scout Platoon Sergeant within an Airborne Reconnaissance Squadron, assumes responsibility for the health, welfare, and training of six Noncommissioned Officers and ten enlisted Soldiers. Demonstrates accountability for the maintenance and accountability of eight High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicles and ancillary equipment, exceeding a value of $2,500,000. Tactically employs the platoon in support of Troop operations, collecting and reporting intelligence during operations. Analyzes enemy intelligence for utilization by the Squadron Commander, ensuring the platoon’s readiness to deploy worldwide within 18 hours of notification.

25W40 Platoon Sergeant

Assumes the esteemed role of Platoon Sergeant within a Network Extension platoon in a forward-deployed Network Support Company (NSC) that provides vital support to the 504th Battlefield Surveillance Brigade (BfSB). Holds responsibility for the health, welfare, training, readiness, and professional development of 12 Soldiers and six Noncommissioned Officers (NCOs). Expertly supervises the installation, operation, and maintenance of one Joint Network Node (JNN) system, comprising an AN/TTC-59 shelter and one High Capacity Line of Sight (HCLOS) shelter. Additionally, oversees nine support vehicles and three generators, valued at over $10 million.

Senior NCO

25W Senior NCO of an Expeditionary Signal Company

Assumes the esteemed position of Senior Non-Commissioned Officer within an esteemed Expeditionary Signal Company that provides critical tactical command, control, communications, and computers (C4) support to Army battlefield commanders or Joint Force/Joint Land Force Component Commands (JTF/JFLCC) in worldwide contingencies. Holds overall responsibility for leading the company in operations, training, maintenance, supply, and personnel, with a primary focus on personnel survivability. Demonstrates accountability for the tactical employment, operation, and sustainment of communications terminals, associated trailers, and power generation equipment valued at over $20 million. Prioritizes the health, morale, training, discipline, and safety of 146 Soldiers under command.

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