MOS 25V Combat Documentation & Production Specialist

Combat Documentation and Production Specialist at HHC, Joint Multinational Readiness Center (JMRC)

This specialist serves at HHC, JMRC, where they are responsible for recording and documenting military training conducted by U.S. and coalition partners in the Hohenfels Training Area (HTA). They supervise the JMRC Viper Team and handle tasks such as scheduling and arranging interviews, operating video cameras and sound equipment, and editing audio and video recordings. They also coordinate with other agencies involved in the training exercises. Additionally, they are responsible for ensuring the technical and tactical readiness of eight Soldiers under their supervision.

Combat Documentation and Production Specialist with expertise in television production

This specialist operates and maintains motion, still, and studio television cameras. They are skilled in electronic and film-based processing and maintain darkroom equipment for developing photographs. They prepare captions for documentation images and provide technical guidance to subordinates. Their responsibilities also include monitoring, operating, and maintaining master control systems. They align and adjust video cameras as needed and prepare video reports. Additionally, they are proficient in operating and performing preventive maintenance on vehicles and power generators.

Combat Documentation and Production Specialist as a team leader

In this capacity, the specialist assumes the role of a team leader within a combat camera documentation team. They operate and maintain still video transmission systems and have expertise in selecting documentation and production equipment based on mission support requirements. They coordinate and direct personnel to produce audiovisual, audio, and television productions in both fixed and tactical environments. They are responsible for preparing video reports for review by commanders and staff, ensuring the documentation meets the necessary standards and objectives.

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