MOS 25N Nodal Network System Operator Maintainer Duty Descriptions

25N Single Shelter Switch Team Chief

Assumes the role of overseeing a team of five highly skilled Networking specialists, providing guidance and leadership in the efficient management, operation, and maintenance of a node valued at $500,000. This critical node serves as vital support to a brigade-sized element.

25N Senior Nodal Network Operator-Maintainer

Occupies the position of Senior Nodal Network Operator-Maintainer within a rapidly deployable Cavalry Signal Intelligence & Sustainment Company, rendering indispensable assistance to the 1st Cavalry Division Headquarters. Primarily responsible for ensuring uninterrupted and reliable communication services for the Division Tactical Command Post. Takes charge of the installation, configuration, operation, maintenance, and troubleshooting of two Tactical Communication Nodes (TCN), in addition to overseeing four generators valued at over 4 million dollars. Assumes the duty of safeguarding the health, welfare, morale, and training of a team consisting of five dedicated Soldiers.

Technical Advisor and Assistant Team Chief

Functions as a trusted technical advisor and assistant team chief, demonstrating expertise in the installation, operation, deployment, and field-level maintenance of cutting-edge electronic IP-based nodal systems and associated equipment. Proficiently performs and aids subordinate operators in executing nodal and Communications Security (COMSEC) operations, as well as computer and software-related technical tasks. Skillfully interprets orders and compiles system statistics for the assigned shift and node. Contributes to the reconfiguration of IP-based nodal systems equipment whenever necessary, implementing changes generated by the Network Operations Center to meet operational requirements. Assumes responsibility for leading a team of six committed Soldiers, entrusted with overseeing equipment worth over $1,000,000.

Nodal Network Operator Maintainer

Supervises the installation, configuration, and operation of Nodal networks both in garrison and field environments. Proficiently conducts field-level maintenance on state-of-the-art IP-based electronic nodal systems, network control centers, network management facilities, and associated multiplexing and subscriber interface equipment. Demonstrates competence in programming and troubleshooting encryption and Communications Security (COMSEC) devices. Undertakes essential network management functions, ensuring the optimal maintenance, troubleshooting, and reconfiguration of nodal assets to meet operational requirements. Maintains a substantial inventory of bench stock and spare parts, valued at over $30,000.

Team Chief

Assumes responsibility for the meticulous maintenance of LAN/WAN/VPN network hardware and software, security systems, and communication links. Efficiently manages the entire LAN/WAN hardware infrastructure, including routers, switches, load balancers, and wireless networking equipment. Supervises and actively participates in nodal operations functions. Takes charge of the installation, operation, deployment, provisioning, and maintenance of WIN-T nodal assemblages, combat net radios, and all associated COMSEC devices. Disseminates network orders, compiles and submits operational statistics reports, and processes requests for logistic support.

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