MOS 25M Multimedia Illustrator Duty Descriptions

25M/V (PSYOP) Senior Psychological Operations Non-Commissioned Officer

Tasked with the responsibility of overseeing the well-being, development, and training of the Product Development Team’s illustrators, in alignment with the objectives of the specific operation; assumes the role of supervising personnel in strategically planning operational workloads, encompassing the creation, manipulation, and integration of visual information products, in support of both conventional and special operations missions. Additionally, contributes to the PSYOP development process by providing impactful graphics and illustrations for various products. Provides assistance throughout the development process, offering expertise in product layouts and production utilizing organic assets. Ensures the proper functioning and maintenance of all production equipment, while also managing workflow for product translation requirements.

25M Multimedia Illustrator

Oversees, plans, and operates manual, mechanical, and electronic multimedia imaging equipment, aiming to seamlessly integrate armament delivery recordings and a diverse range of visual information products, to effectively report on Army, Joint, and Combined combat and non-combat operations. Demonstrates expertise in creating illustrations, layouts, map overlays, posters, graphs, charts, and internet web pages, catering to the requirements of battlefield operations, psychological operations, military intelligence, medical services, public affairs, and training functions. Contributes to the maintenance of assigned equipment at the unit level, conducting preventative maintenance checks and services (PMCS) on assigned vehicles and generators.

2 Level

Takes charge of orchestrating the skillful manipulation and refinement of images, while also making crucial decisions regarding the choice of media, artistic style, design elements, and technical specifications, which guide subordinates in the creation, sequencing, and development of visually captivating information presentation products. Additionally, determines the optimal sequence and manner of presenting these products, ensuring maximum impact and engagement.

3 Level

Exercises supervision over personnel, meticulously planning and prioritizing the operational workload involved in the creation, manipulation, and integration of visually compelling information products.

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