MOS 25E Frequency Manager Duty Descriptions

25E5PS9 Spectrum Management Chief

This individual holds the position of Spectrum Management Chief in the 82nd Airborne Division. They deploy worldwide to support crisis, contingency, disaster relief missions, and exercises using parachute assault and tactical airland techniques. Their responsibilities include reviewing and submitting satellite requests to FORSCOM, resolving and reporting electromagnetic interference (EMI), and coordinating with agencies to resolve interference issues. They are also responsible for preparing communications annexes for five brigades within the 82nd Airborne Division. Additionally, they supervise the preparation of technical studies, reports, and records related to spectrum operations. Their role involves coaching, teaching, and mentoring 17 spectrum managers.

25E30 Electromagnetic Spectrum NCO

In this role, the individual served as an Electromagnetic Spectrum NCO for a Brigade Combat Team Headquarters and Tactical Operation Center during worldwide deployments. Their responsibilities included performing network analysis, calculations, and record management to determine frequencies within the brigade. They advised and counseled the Brigade S-6 on technical and administrative reports. Additionally, they employed the System Planning Engineering and Evaluation Device (SPEED) and Spectrum XXI for analyzing the network architecture, including Line of Sight (LOS) radios and satellite uplinks, to ensure communication connectivity.

25E30 Electromagnetic Spectrum Manager

This role involves receiving communications network input and creating frequency plans, organizing data logically, and generating and distributing Standard Operating Instructions (SOI) to all users. The individual prepares properly formatted frequency requests and forwards them to civilian or military agencies. They also receive frequency approvals and submit assignments to the frequency database. Additionally, they generate Satellite Access Requests (SAR) to the Regional Satellite Support Center (RSSC) and receive Satellite Access Authorizations. Their responsibilities include informing users of authorized frequencies, performing regular frequency database reviews, and submitting requests for updates when necessary.

25E30 Electromagnetic Spectrum Manager

In this role, the individual receives requests for frequency use authorization, nominates frequencies from the frequency database, makes assignments in the database, and notifies the requestor of the assignment. They maintain contact with military and civilian agencies to deconflict frequency use within the Area of Responsibility (AOR). Their responsibilities also include ensuring spectrum supportability for frequency emitting equipment in a specified area, obtaining electronic warfare (EW) clearances, resolving frequency interference reports from units, and maintaining frequency charts, diagrams, Mobile International Mobile Subscriber Identity (MIJI) reports, and a database of frequency interference incidents.

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