21W Carpentry & Masonry Specialist Duty Descriptions

In 2004, the Engineer MOS changed from CMF 12 to CMF 21. In 2009, the Engineer MOS changed again, from CMF 21 to CMF 12.

21W2O Carpentry and Masonry Specialist

As a Carpentry and Masonry Specialist in the 21W2O MOS, your role involves interpreting construction drawings and blueprints. You are responsible for preparing the building layout and constructing wooden or concrete foundations. Additionally, you erect building frameworks and install various components such as flooring, walls, partitions, siding, roofing, doors, windows, stairs, and interior finishes. You also have expertise in erecting prefabricated and pre-engineered metal structures. Ensuring proper concrete curing methods and directing operational maintenance on assigned equipment are part of your responsibilities. During sawmill operations, you perform functions such as millwright, head saw operator, and edger. Your skills and knowledge contribute to the successful completion of construction projects.

21W Carpentry and Masonry Specialist

As a Carpentry and Masonry Specialist in the 21W MOS, your primary focus is on employing basic carpentry and masonry skills. You assist in various tasks such as building layout, framing, sheathing, fabrication, and roofing structures. You also contribute to the erection of rough timber structures. Your role includes reading and interpreting drawings, plans, and specifications. You possess the ability to repair and renovate different types of structures, as well as erect prefabricated buildings. Constructing concrete formwork for slabs, walls, and columns is another aspect of your expertise. Additionally, you assist in the performance of combat engineer missions and may also assist in the setup and operation of sawmills. Your skills in carpentry and masonry support construction and maintenance operations.

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