MOS 21R Interior Electrician Duty Descriptions

In 2004, the Engineer MOS changed from CMF 12 to CMF 21. In 2009, the Engineer MOS changed again, from CMF 21 to CMF 12.

Interior Electrician

As an Interior Electrician assigned to the 123rd Vertical Engineer Company, your primary responsibility is to provide support in terms of mobility, counter-mobility, and survivability to combat forces. You play a crucial role in supervising or performing the installation and maintenance of interior electrical systems and equipment. This involves planning the layout of electrical systems using drawings, plans, specifications, and wiring diagrams. Additionally, you contribute to combat engineer missions and ensure the health, accountability, and training of 5 Soldiers under your supervision. You are also responsible for overseeing the maintenance of 10 pieces of equipment valued at over $50,000.

Interior Electrician

In your role as an Interior Electrician, you work closely with Job Control to coordinate tasks effectively. Your responsibilities include inspecting and ensuring proper grounding of electrical systems. You are responsible for the maintenance and repair of transformers, junction boxes, service panels, switches, electrical boxes, and lightning rods. Your expertise allows you to read and interpret wiring diagrams, blueprints, and repair orders. You conduct equipment and power source testing to ensure their proper operation. Additionally, you test safety functions and circuit breakers to maintain a safe working environment. As the initial point of contact for alarm and telephone issues up to the demarcation point, you address and resolve these concerns. You also inspect power distribution systems, identify shorts in cables, and diagnose faulty equipment. Your skills extend to repairing and replacing faulty wiring and fixtures, ensuring the proper functioning of interior electrical systems.

Construction Electrician

As a Construction Electrician, your focus lies in the installation of interior electrical systems in compliance with the National Electrical Code and local ordinances. Your tasks include installing service panels, switches, and electrical boxes, as well as sheathed cable, conduit, electrical equipment, and service drops. You utilize your expertise in reading and interpreting drawings, plans, and specifications to ensure accurate installations. Additionally, you are responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of interior electrical systems and equipment. You employ test equipment to verify the operability and safety of circuits. Furthermore, you contribute to combat engineer missions, utilizing your electrical skills to support various construction projects.

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