MOS 21N Construction Equipment Supervisor Duty Descriptions

Heavy Equipment Operator Team Leader in an Engineer Company

As a Heavy Equipment Operator Team Leader in an Engineer Company, your role involves providing advice and guidance to the Squad Leader regarding all section equipment and heavy construction equipment. You are responsible for tracking service and deadlines, ensuring that maintenance reports are reported and troubleshooted effectively. Additionally, you have the important responsibility of taking care of the health, welfare, training, discipline, and morale of one Non-Commissioned Officer (NCO) and eleven soldiers. You collaborate with the unit’s maintenance shop to maintain the section’s equipment, which is valued at over $3 million, in order to support combat readiness.

21N3O Horizontal Construction Supervisor

As a 21N3O Horizontal Construction Supervisor, your main responsibility is to supervise engineer projects and oversee various heavy equipment operations. This includes tasks such as clearing, grubbing, stripping, excavating, backfilling, stockpiling, hauling, and construction of ditches. You also perform route reconnaissance to ensure effective project planning and execution. Ensuring the health, welfare, and safety of ten soldiers is an important aspect of your role. Additionally, you supervise level 10 maintenance, maintain accountability for individual and unit equipment and property, and provide both individual and collective training. Furthermore, you serve as an instructor for construction equipment, sharing your expertise and knowledge with others.

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