MOS 21D, Diver Duty Descriptions

In 2004, the Engineer MOS changed from CMF 12 to CMF 21. In 2009, the Engineer MOS changed again, from CMF 21 to CMF 12.

21D30 Diving Supervisor

Oversees diving operations and ensures their safe execution. Conducts risk management assessments. Prepares and operates diving equipment and watercraft support platforms. Supervises demolition activities and the calculation and utilization of explosives. Manages the use of underwater hydraulic and powered equipment, as well as other specialized underwater tools. Coordinates certification training schedules. Ensures the availability of recompression chambers and life support equipment for diving and emergency operations.

21D20 Diver

Performs various underwater tasks, such as salvage operations, inspection and maintenance of propellers and hulls, and construction of piers and harbor facilities. Identifies and reports diving hazards. Maintains certification and the diving life support equipment. Prepares equipment for diving operations. Inspects and clears underwater obstacles. Adheres to safety regulations. Maintains accurate and comprehensive diving logs.

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