MOS 21A Engineer Officer Duty Descriptions

Battalion Commander

As a Battalion Commander, you hold a critical leadership position. You serve under dual supervision, leading over 411 Soldiers in the Brigade Engineer Battalion. Your responsibilities encompass commanding and controlling the operational, tactical, and technical functions of the battalion. Additionally, you support the Director of Domestic Operations (J3) in planning, exercises, and training for the Wing in support of Civil Authorities. It is your duty to ensure that the battalion staff and subordinate officers are trained, proficient, and competent in their assigned duties. You also contribute to the retention and recruitment of quality Soldiers and future leaders. Furthermore, you perform your duties as the Engineer Battalion Commander, providing Combat and General Engineer Support to the Brigade Combat Team as the Senior BDE Engineer Officer. Your role extends to federal and state missions as assigned.

Operations Officer

As the Operations Officer of a Brigade Engineer Battalion supporting an Infantry Brigade Combat Team, your responsibilities revolve around administrative and training oversight for the brigade’s headquarters company. You play a vital role in planning and training for the tactical employment of the Brigade Engineer Battalion in various operational environments. Your duties involve preparing detailed plans that support the Battalion and Brigade Commanders’ intent and enable effective execution. You determine the training needs of the battalion and supervise the training programs to meet those requirements.

Brigade Chief of Operations

As the Brigade Chief of Operations, you hold a position of significant responsibility within a 4000+ Soldier Infantry Brigade Combat Team. You oversee current operations and battle tracking, coordinating across all brigade staff sections to ensure multiple missions and operations are monitored simultaneously. Your role involves providing an updated common operational picture for the Brigade, including the status of current training requirements and timelines. You also determine the training needs for Brigade staff and subordinate units, while reviewing policies and standards for unit readiness.

Task Force Engineer

As the Task Force Engineer of a combined-arms Battalion, you bring expertise in mobility, counter-mobility, and survivability to support the Battalion Commander and subordinate Commanders. You are responsible for incorporating the engineer scheme of support into the Battalion’s military decision-making process (MDMP), particularly in relation to the ‘Protection’ war-fighting function. Acting as a liaison between the battalion operations section and enabler units, you facilitate a shared understanding of capabilities to ensure mission success. You also provide additional support to the Battalion operations section as an assistant planner.

Platoon Leader

As a Combat Engineer Platoon Leader in a Modular Engineer (Sapper) Company, you are tasked with supervising, leading, and inspiring 13 Soldiers and six NCOs. Your role is to ensure their individual and collective proficiency in all battle tasks and drills. You hold responsibility for the development, welfare, training, discipline, and safety of the assigned Soldiers. Additionally, you are accountable for the maintenance, readiness, and accountability of nine tactical vehicles and trailers, along with associated sets, kits, and outfits valued at over $18 million. Your expertise in engineer capabilities and utilization is essential for advising maneuver commanders and effectively integrating engineers into the combined arms team.

Plans Officer MAJ

As an Engineer Plans and Operations Officer for the Transatlantic Division, United States Army Corps of Engineers, your responsibilities span executing current and future operations, conducting mission analysis, planning, and overall mission support to CENTCOM. You maintain a deep working knowledge of USACE engineer capabilities, facilities, and requirements to enhance support to combat forces. Your role also involves reinforcing and enhancing CENTCOM’s staff understanding of USACE engineer capabilities and accomplishments.

21A Battalion Plans Officer

In my position as the Assistant Battalion Plans Officer for a forward stationed Stryker Brigade Combat Team (SBCT) Brigade Engineer Battalion (BEB) located in Grafenwoehr, Germany, I am responsible for supporting the planning and coordination efforts within the battalion. This includes tasks such as planning and producing squadron orders, developing long-range plans for the battalion, and coordinating with adjacent battalion and brigade staff. I work closely with the Brigade Engineer, Signal, and Intelligence units to synchronize the efforts of the BEB staff. Furthermore, I serve as the alternate Battalion Additional Duty Safety Officer, ensuring the tracking, reporting, and advising on all accidents within the squadron.

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