MOS 19Z, Armor Senior Sergeant, Duty Descriptions

Battalion Master Gunner

As an M1A2 Battalion Master Gunner, your role is crucial in ensuring effective gunnery training within the battalion. You are responsible for resourcing training facilities and ammunition, as well as advising the Battalion Commander on the tank gunnery training program. Additionally, you are directly accountable for the maintenance and accountability of one M1A2 SEP tank, one HMMWV, and all ancillary equipment valued at over 10 million dollars. In terms of personnel, you are directly responsible for the welfare, safety, discipline, and leadership counseling of two Soldiers and their families.

Platoon Sergeant

As a Platoon Sergeant in the only heavy Armored Cavalry Regiment in the US Army, your responsibilities encompass the health, welfare, and professional development of 16 NCOs and enlisted Soldiers in preparation for combat operations. You serve as the primary advisor to the Platoon Leader on all enlisted issues and make critical decisions in their absence. Your duties include planning, coordinating, and supervising activities related to critical organizational training, combat operations, and combat intelligence. You also participate in the editing and preparation of tactical operations plans and orders.

19K40 M-1 Abrams PSG

In your role as a tank Platoon Sergeant, you play a critical part in the functioning of the platoon. You assist in planning, organizing, directing, training, supervising, coordinating, and reporting activities within the tank platoon or staff section. Additionally, you oversee platoon maintenance activities, direct the distribution of fire, assign fields of fire, and contribute to the collection, evaluation, interpretation, and dissemination of combat information. You are responsible for directing platoon tactical movement, including movement to contact, hasty attack, and defense at the platoon level. Moreover, you coordinate platoon resupply operations and supervise the implementation of OPSEC (Operations Security) measures. Lastly, you play a role in coordinating the evacuation of casualties.

19K40R4 MGS Platoon Sergeant

As a Mobile Gun System (MGS) Platoon Sergeant assigned to a Stryker Battalion Combat Team, you are responsible for the welfare, development, and training of 12 crew members. You provide assistance in planning, preparing, and executing all individual and collective training in preparation for rapid real-world deployments. Additionally, you contribute to the tactical employment of the platoon’s assigned weapons systems and personnel. Ensuring quality control, you oversee the maintenance and accountability of assigned vehicles, weapons, and equipment valued at 8 million dollars.

19Z First Sergeant

As a First Sergeant, you hold a senior military management position responsible for the readiness of the battalion. Your expertise lies in Security Force Assistance organization, equipment, tactics, doctrine, and training product development. You contribute to the creation and revision of training materials by performing instructional design, development, validation, and evaluation using the Systems Approach to Training (SAT) process and methods outlined in training, education, and training technology publications.

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