MOS 18F Special Forces Intel Sergeant Duty Descriptions

Intelligence Sergeant

Serves as the Intelligence Sergeant for a Special Forces Operational Detachment-Alpha (SFOD-A) specializing in Foreign Internal Defense within the AFRICOM Area of Responsibility (AOR). Responsible for intelligence and counterintelligence activities, including collection, analysis, biometrics, area studies, and operational security. Maintains security clearances for the detachment. Conducts questioning and processing of enemy prisoners of war and civilian detainees. Interacts with the local populace to gather information. Assists the operations sergeant in preparing briefs, operations plans, concept of operations, and operations orders. Organizes, trains, assists, directs, or leads indigenous forces up to company size.

Special Forces Intelligence Sergeant

Provides tactical and technical guidance to the Detachment Commander, as well as indigenous and allied personnel. Applies both conventional and unconventional warfare tactics and techniques to intelligence collection and processing. Plans, organizes, trains, assists, and supervises indigenous and allied personnel in gathering and processing intelligence information. Performs intelligence and operational duties during special missions and operations. Develops operation plans, orders, and supporting annexes. Maintains proficiency in all major intelligence-related tasks.

Special Forces Intelligence Sergeant

Offers intelligence support to the Detachment Commander and indigenous and allied personnel. Conducts briefings, briefbacks, and debriefings. Establishes intelligence networks. Handles agents and prepares agent reports within the operational area. Verifies the identity of detainees through fingerprinting. Processes prisoners of war. Develops and implements security plans and performs security duties. Safeguards all classified documents within the operational area and establishes plans for their destruction and evacuation. Provides specialized assistance in the assigned area to the detachment, Special Forces, U.S. Army, sister services, and other agencies.

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