MOS 18E, Special Forces Communications Sergeant Duty Descriptions

Senior Communications Sergeant

Serves as the Senior Communications Sergeant for a Special Forces Operational Detachment-Alpha. Acts as the principal adviser to the commander on all matters related to communications. Performs, supervises, and instructs in communications techniques and operations utilized in both conventional and unconventional warfare. Responsible for recruiting, organizing, training, advising, and supervising personnel and organizations up to the Battalion level. Ensures the establishment, security, and maintenance of communications during operations. Accountable for cryptographic materials necessary for secure communications.

Communications Sergeant

Provides tactical communications support across a wide range of special operations missions. Coordinates with internal and external partners to determine equipment requirements and submits necessary frequency and satellite access requests. Handles the acquisition and storage of classified communications security (COMSEC) materials. Operates and maintains high-frequency (HF), very high-frequency (VHF), ultra-high frequency (UHF), and satellite radios. Trains partner forces in the installation and operation of secure communications equipment. Monitors and reports any instances of jamming or intrusion. Participates in hotwashes and after-action reviews to enhance communications effectiveness.

Communications Liaison

Serves as a communications liaison with the Afghan National Army in support of the train, advise, and assist mission. Maintains and troubleshoots signal support systems and terminal devices, including radio, wire, and battlefield automated systems. Provides technical assistance and unit-level training on communication with user-owned and operated signal equipment. Prepares maintenance and supply requests for unit-level signal support. Operates and performs preventive maintenance checks and services (PMCS) on assigned radios, associated equipment, and generators.

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