MOS 18C Special Forces Engineer Sergeant Duty Descriptions

Special Forces Engineer Sergeant

Serves as a specialized Engineer Sergeant within a Special Forces Operational Detachment-Alpha (ODA). Responsible for training, supervising, leading, planning, and instructing all aspects of combat engineering and special operations engineering during combat operations. Provides expertise and advice to the Detachment commander and foreign forces on Special Operations engineering tactics. Prepares and constructs training resources to support SFODA training and operations. Participates in the planning and execution of Unconventional Warfare (UW) missions as well as Humanitarian Missions. Assumes responsibility for the maintenance and care of engineering equipment valued at over $50,000.

Special Forces Engineer Sergeant

Serves as a Special Forces Engineer Sergeant attached to a Navy SEABEE unit. Organizes, advises, and assists U.S. Navy, allied, and indigenous personnel on the operation and maintenance of engineer assets in defensive and offensive operations. Proficient in performing demolitions and explosives placement, supporting sabotage operations with both standard and improvised explosives, creating and utilizing improvised munitions, and leading mine and countermine operations. Possesses the ability to identify and clear U.S. and foreign landmines. Oversees construction, field fortification, and civil action projects. Skilled in interpreting maps, overlays, photos, and charts. Collects and disseminates engineer intelligence data.

Engineer Section Noncommissioned Officer

Serves as the Engineer Section Noncommissioned Officer within a Special Forces detachment. Assumes the responsibility of planning, executing, and supervising construction missions in support of the Special Forces mission. Coordinates with the Group Engineer to prioritize projects. Oversees the welfare, training, and employment of a 12-man Engineer Section consisting of carpenters, electricians, and plumbers for both garrison and combat operations. Supervises the maintenance and accountability of equipment worth over $1.3 million, including various types of engineer heavy vehicles, construction tool kits and outfits, as well as mine detection equipment.

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