MOS 18B Special Forces Weapons Sergeant

MOS 18B40 Special Forces Senior Weapons Sergeant

Serves as a Senior Weapons Sergeant within a specialized Special Forces Operational Detachment-Alpha (SFODA) with expertise in Military Freefall techniques. The primary mission involves executing Special Operations in support of objectives for USNORTHCOM/USSOUTHCOM and USCENTCOM theaters. Assumes leadership responsibilities by supervising, planning, leading, and providing instruction on Special Operations and Light Infantry tactics to U.S. and Partner Nation forces, up to battalion level, during Foreign Internal Defense (FID), Special Reconnaissance (SR), Direct Action (DA), and Unconventional Warfare (UW) missions. Ensures the proper maintenance and accountability of equipment, including Detachment weapons valued at over $950,000. Additionally, maintains proficiency in both Spanish and Portuguese languages to facilitate effective communication.

MOS 18B3O Weapons Sergeant

Serves as the Weapons Sergeant within a 12-man Special Forces Operational Detachment Alpha (SFODA) specializing in Military Freefall (MFF) operations. Provides expert advice and guidance to the Detachment Commander on all aspects of small unit tactics, individual small arms, as well as light and heavy crew-served weapons. Assumes responsibility for maintaining the serviceability of Detachment weapons and equipment. Organizes, trains, and supervises both indigenous and non-indigenous personnel, up to battalion size, within the CENTCOM AOR (Area of Responsibility). Engages in Foreign Internal Defense (FID) and Military Source Operations (MSO) in areas with varying levels of permission and denied access. Accountable for safeguarding military equipment valued at over $450,000.

MOS 18B3O Weapons Sergeant

Serves as the Weapons Sergeant within a Special Forces team that provides support on a rotating basis to Task Force XXXXXXX. Demonstrates proficiency in both conventional and unconventional warfare tactics and techniques during individual and small unit infantry operations. Possesses extensive knowledge of various U.S. light weapons, including the 50 caliber machine gun, heavy weapons such as the 4.2-inch and 120mm mortars, 106mm recoilless rifle, man-portable air defense systems, U.S. anti-armor weapons, and foreign high-density light and heavy weapons. Executes responsibilities related to the storage, transfer, and delivery of weapons, ammunition, and explosives. Maintains secure radio communications for effective coordination.

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