MOS 15X, AH-64A Armament & Electrical Systems Repairer, changed to MOS 15Y, AH‑64D Armament/Electrical/Avionics Repairer

  • I was responsible for completing the entire DD Form 1750 for the entire company, as well as loading and taking inventory of equipment for the Component repair platoon. Additionally, I provided training to 23 Soldiers on military vehicles.
  • I conducted both scheduled and unscheduled maintenance on a fleet of 24 aircraft, ensuring the success of the mission.
  • My focus was on completing maintenance tasks quickly and effectively, minimizing the time that aircraft were not fully mission capable.
  • I exhibited unparalleled dedication to duty, motivation, and exemplary work ethic, all of which contributed to the overall success of the mission.
  • During the 1-101 and 10th Mountain turn over, I successfully maintained 11 aircraft with only 4 maintenance personnel, 1 QC, and 3 Armament troops.
  • I executed assigned tasks and actively sought to enhance my experience with a complex airframe, which played a crucial role in the mission’s success.
  • I provided support during the Mission Readiness Exercise at Fort Hood and throughout the deployment, significantly contributing to the success of the pre-deployment training.
  • I played a key role in the preparation and execution of a real-time Downed Aircraft Recovery Team operation, which was a resounding success.
  • I effectively managed the powertrain benchstock for primary, secondary, and DART kits for AH-64, UH-60, and CH-47, preventing any maintenance delays.
  • During thirty 250-hour phase inspections and ten 500-hour phase inspections on the aircraft, I consistently exceeded the established standards.
  • I was responsible for overseeing the company’s day and NVG aerial gunnery range during the PTA deployment. I successfully qualified 11 crew chiefs on the M240H on tables 1-4, 6-8, and 10.
  • Due to my outstanding performance, I was selected from among my peers to serve as the primary Production Control and Quality Control NCO at a remote site in Western Iraq.
  • In the absence of a Production Control NCO, I maintained meticulous records of all maintenance activities, resulting in six successful emergency medical evacuation missions.
  • I performed over 400 hours of both scheduled and unscheduled aircraft maintenance, including two servo cylinder replacements and three complete engine riggings.
  • I effectively managed the Troop Crew Chief Progression Program, providing training and guidance to 9 crew chiefs, enabling them to successfully complete the program.
  • I worked on three 500-hour AH-64 phase inspections, ensuring that the aircraft were returned to the owning unit according to the established timeline.
  • I was chosen to assist Charlie’s maintenance program and played a key role in developing and implementing innovative maintenance planning and tracking systems.
  • Through my guidance, I successfully trained 9 Soldiers and 5 NCOs to RL1 standards, overseeing their progression through the Crew Chief Progression Program.
  • I contributed a total of 3,700 maintenance man hours and over 200 technical inspection hours, resulting in over 1,250 aircraft flight hours.
  • I consistently demonstrated the ability and confidence to support the Squadron, achieving the highest average OR rate of 79%.
  • I provided training and certification to three technicians on JHMCS/CSEL loading, resulting in a 100% increase in certification numbers and a 50% expansion of combat mission capability.
  • I took the lead in piloting the ALSE Quality Control program, overseeing five inspectors and conducting 1.4K equipment inspections, ensuring that all equipment was 100% ready.
  • During my two-week role as NCOIC, I supervised 11 Soldiers, managed 55 sorties, and maintained unit combat capability through 120 flying hours.
  • I oversaw six IFE after-action inspections, which involved quarantining pilot flight gear, recording findings, and authoring mishap reports, thereby contributing to flight safety.
  • I completed 700 pre/post-flight equipment inspections, ensuring that $2,000,000 worth of equipment assets were prepared for the squadron. As a result, 123 sorties were supported without any ALSE delays.
  • I played a crucial role in outfitting CSAR aircrew by preparing 110 CSEL, NVG, survival vests, and helmets, supporting 123 flight hours for Exercise BALIKATAN.
  • I led the evaluation program for the Combat Survival Evader Locator (CSEL), testing 48 radios, enhancing secure communication capabilities, and improving readiness levels.
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