MOS 15W UAV Operator Duty Descriptions

Team Leader for TUAS Platoon Military Intelligence Company (MICO)

Serves as the esteemed Team Leader for the TUAS Platoon within the distinguished Military Intelligence Company (MICO), assigned to a highly capable Stryker Brigade Combat Team. Assumes responsibility for the accountability, leadership, health, welfare, and safety of three dedicated Soldiers. Demonstrates exceptional leadership in supervising flight operations, forward site emplacement/displacement, maintenance, and the meticulous accountability of equipment valued at over 2.5 million dollars. This includes one Ground Control Station (GCS), one Ground Data Terminal (GDT), and one HMMWV.

Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Team Leader

Exhibits exceptional proficiency as the Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Team Leader within the esteemed Quick Reaction Capability One – Replacement Two (QRC1-R2) Company, deployed in a combat theater to provide invaluable Reconnaissance, Surveillance, Targeting, and Acquisition capabilities for both US and coalition forces. Collaborates effectively with Division staff elements for mission tasking and dissemination. Coordinates with Air Traffic Control (ATC) for flight clearance and airspace utilization during Operation New Dawn (OND) and Operation ENDURING FREEDOM. Assumes responsibility for the training, health, and welfare of three dedicated Soldiers, ensuring their readiness for daily flight operations.

15W Standardization Operator

Occupies a vital role as the Standardization Operator within a distinguished Tactical Unmanned Aerial System Platoon (TUAS). Assumes responsibility for all TUAV flight and maintenance training for a commendable number of Soldiers. Ensures the seamless execution of flight operations within strict adherence to applicable regulations, with a strong emphasis on zero soldier injury and zero equipment failure due to human error. Skillfully manages the Commander’s Aircrew Training Program (ATP) and ensures the meticulous upkeep of all flight and training records. Assumes the esteemed position of Team Leader for Flight Operations, providing invaluable guidance and leadership.

15W Duty Description

Operates the UAS and Ground Control Station (GCS) systems, exhibiting exceptional proficiency in mission planning, launching, remote piloting, and recovering the aerial system. Demonstrates exceptional competence in preparing and conducting air reconnaissance missions, skillfully operating the sensor/payload in Electro Optical (EO) or Infrared (IR) modes for accurate target identification. Conducts thorough pre-flight checks and expertly directs the site selection of the GCS and Mission Planning Section (MPS). Assumes the role of Mission Coordinator, skillfully supervising mission planning through comprehensive analysis of maps, terrain studies, and intelligence reports. Assumes responsibility for the health, welfare, morale, training, readiness, and professional development of a commendable number of Soldiers. Maintains accountability for equipment valued at over two million dollars.

Unmanned Aerial Systems Operator SL:2/3

Assumes responsibility for the technical oversight of flight operations within an esteemed unit. Exhibits exceptional expertise in preparing and conducting air reconnaissance missions, skillfully operating the sensor/payload for accurate target detection. Demonstrates proficiency in planning and analyzing flightline emplacement and displacement. Assumes a crucial role in the deployment of the Unmanned Aerial System (UAS), providing invaluable assistance and supervision in all aspects. Skillfully launches and recovers the air vehicle, conducting comprehensive pre-flight, in-flight, and post-flight checks and procedures. Assists in the coordination and deconfliction of airspace and the effective utilization of training areas.

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