MOS 15T UH-60 Helicopter Repairer Duty Descriptions

UH-72 Helicopter Crewchief

Serves as a UH-72A mechanic in a Security and Support Battalion flight company; performs and/or supervises operational checks and scheduled inspections, repairs, and maintenance on aircraft systems and subsystems, including the lubrication of necessary components and the removal and installation of aircraft subsystems; utilizing specialized tools and equipment as necessary, assists in the troubleshooting and inspection of aircraft systems, subsystems, and components according to all applicable technical publications and regulations; diagnoses and troubleshoots malfunctions in aircraft subsystems; maintains aircraft historical forms and records.


Serves as the Aviation Maintenance Supervisor assigned to the XXX Aviation Support Battalion, XD Combat Aviation Brigade (CAB); responsibilities involve coordination with the Brigade and Battalion S-4, S-8, PBO, and the Brigade Aviation Maintenance Officers to establish maintenance priorities, resolve maintenance and logistics support issues, and aid in tracking and expediting the release of supplies (repair parts); collaborates with logistics operators in the fields of supply, maintenance, and movement management for the support of units assigned or attached to the brigade’s area of operation; conducts ongoing logistics support analysis; acts as the central point of coordination for supported units to resolve logistics support problems; processes and monitors high-priority requisitions of aviation materiel.


Serves as the Standardization Instructor for a UH-60M Air Assault Company; responsible for providing rotary wing support to the United States Force Command (FORSCOM), the 82nd Airborne Division, and the 82nd Combat Aviation Brigade (CAB); accountable for the discipline, training, morale, and welfare of 20 UH-60M Non-rated air crewmembers; tasked with delivering the necessary instruction and training to aircrew members to meet the command’s wartime mission requirements.


Serves as the Standardization Instructor for a UH-60M Air Assault Company; responsible for providing rotary wing support to the United States Force Command (FORSCOM), the 82nd Airborne Division, and the 82nd Combat Aviation Brigade (CAB); accountable for the discipline, training, morale, and welfare of 20 UH-60M Non-rated air crewmembers; responsible for delivering the required instruction and training to aircrew members in order to meet the command’s wartime mission requirements.

15T Crew Chief

Serves as a Crew Chief in one of only six Assault Helicopter Platoons within the distinguished 82nd Combat Aviation Brigade (CAB), adept at executing the 18-hour no-notice mission of the esteemed 82nd Airborne Division as an integral part of the US Army’s Global Response Force (GRF) in support of the 18th Airborne Corps. Accountable for the well-being, training, and welfare of six UH-60M Crew Chiefs and two UH-60M Noncommissioned Officers. Conducts meticulous scheduled and unscheduled maintenance on the platoon’s five UH-60M Black Hawk helicopters, which hold a valuation exceeding 40 million dollars. Collaborates effectively with the Aviation Unit Maintenance (AVUM) Company and external support elements to ensure seamless coordination of maintenance actions.

15T Aviation Platoon Sergeant

Serves as an esteemed Platoon Sergeant in an esteemed Assault Helicopter Company, skillfully managing the accountability, welfare, physical fitness, and administrative actions for a commendable number of NCOs and Warrant Officers. Provides exemplary leadership, mentorship, and training to all Soldiers within the platoon. Upholds the serviceability of ten UH-60 Helicopters, which possess a valuation surpassing 40 million dollars. Develops the Platoon Leader’s aviation maintenance expertise while offering invaluable assistance and advice across all matters, including training plans. Proficiently imparts crew resource management procedures to all Soldiers, emphasizing their importance. Assists and supports the First Sergeant in all facets of platoon management to maintain optimal personnel readiness.

UH-60M Mechanic

Serves as a skilled UH-60M mechanic in a highly regarded General Support Aviation Battalion maintenance company. Proficiently conducts operational checks and scheduled inspections, as well as repairs and maintenance on aircraft systems and subsystems, encompassing the vital lubrication of essential components and the meticulous removal and installation of aircraft subsystems. Demonstrates adeptness in employing specialized tools and equipment as necessitated. Provides valuable assistance in troubleshooting and inspecting aircraft systems, subsystems, and components in strict adherence to all applicable technical publications and regulations. Possesses a remarkable ability to diagnose and troubleshoot malfunctions in aircraft subsystems. Ensures meticulous upkeep of aircraft historical forms and records.

SSG/15T/Section Sergeant

Exhibits exemplary leadership as the Section Sergeant, supervising and delegating tasks within the section while skillfully managing and prioritizing workload based on resource and equipment availability. Ensures all required publications are readily available, with necessary changes duly noted. Effectively coordinates all maintenance actions with the maintenance officer or platoon sergeant to maintain optimal workflow throughout the maintenance process. Demonstrates astute awareness of the capabilities of section personnel and the condition of equipment. Ensures subordinates receive comprehensive training and possess the necessary proficiency to function seamlessly within the unit. Promptly informs the platoon leader, maintenance officer, or platoon sergeant of any unforeseen delays or challenges.

UH-60M Team Chief

Serves as an esteemed UH-60M Team Chief within the highly regarded Aviation Support Company, assigned to the esteemed ### Aviation Support Battalion, affiliated with the illustrious # Division. Enforces impeccable work standards and operational safety policies while providing invaluable technical guidance and maintenance supervision in the execution of phases, scheduled and unscheduled aircraft maintenance on a work order basis for a commendable number of UH-60M helicopters. Assumes responsibility for the health

Aircraft Quality Control Supervisor

Exhibits exceptional expertise as a UH-60 Helicopter Technical Inspector Supervisor, assigned to the esteemed 601st Aviation Support Battalion, which is part of the illustrious Combat Aviation Brigade (CAB) within the esteemed 1st Infantry Division. Provides invaluable field support maintenance for a fleet of 53 UH-60 helicopters utilized by the CAB. Supervises all maintenance and technical inspection activities, employing meticulous planning and execution of subordinates in aircraft repair and technical inspection techniques and procedures. Operates in strict accordance with directives, technical manuals, work standards, and operational policies. Maintains strict supply economy and discipline, ensuring unwavering compliance with aircraft configuration control, the Army Oil Analysis Program, and Test Measurement and Diagnostic Equipment calibration.


Distinguished by the role of a UH-60M Technical Inspector (TI) within an esteemed Assault Helicopter Battalion maintenance company, providing unwavering support to a fleet of 30 UH-60M aircraft with an extraordinary valuation exceeding 300 million dollars. Conducts meticulous technical inspections and vigilantly monitors the quality control program concerning aircraft systems and subsystems. Assists in troubleshooting and inspecting aircraft systems, subsystems, and components, meticulously adhering to all applicable technical publications and regulations. Provides invaluable technical guidance on safety procedures while strictly upholding all maintenance practices. Maintains comprehensive records, including aircraft historical forms, for the entire fleet of 30 aircraft.

Platoon Sergeant

Exemplifies exceptional leadership as a Platoon Sergeant within a distinguished 15-ship UH-60A Black Hawk Helicopter MEDEVAC Company. Assumes responsibility for the health, welfare, and training of nine Non-commissioned Officers, eight Warrant Officers, and seven Soldiers. Supervises meticulous scheduled and unscheduled aircraft maintenance, providing expert technical guidance, diagnosis, and troubleshooting for aircraft and aircraft systems. Efficiently coordinates the mission scheduling of 15 UH-60A Black Hawk Helicopters, ensuring optimal utilization of resources. Oversees the progression of aircrew readiness levels, conducts annual proficiency and readiness training evaluations, and assumes responsibility for equipment valued at over $30 million.

Flight Platoon Squad Leader

Distinguished service as a Flight Platoon Squad Leader within a UH-60L Blackhawk Command Aviation Company, assigned to an esteemed General Support Aviation Battalion (GSAB) as part of the renowned 101st Airborne Division (AASLT) deployed in support of Operation ENDURING FREEDOM. Supervised the meticulous repair of six UH-60L helicopters, employing sound judgment, specialized equipment, and advanced repair procedures. Demonstrated exemplary leadership in professional development, counseling, and maintaining the health and welfare of ten Soldiers and their Families. Ensured strict accountability of the six UH-60L helicopters, eight mechanic’s toolboxes, and one aviation footlocker (AFL), all valued in excess of $40 million dollars.

UH-60 Blackhawk Helicopter Repairer/SASMO attached

Provides exceptional automated support for hardware, software, communication devices, local area networks, and wide area networks for the Unit Level Logistics System-Aviation (ULLS-A). Expertly assists users with password management, system access, and network connectivity. Assumes responsibility for the installation, operation, and maintenance of satellite and information systems equipment valued at over $1,000,000. Skillfully manages the monthly operations of local networks, which include four Very Small Aperture Terminals (VSAT), Standard Army Management Information Systems (STAMIS), Combat Service Support Automated Information System Interface (CAISI), and various peripheral devices such as routers and switches. Provides invaluable technical advice and assistance to administrative users within the battalion while ensuring comprehensive training for both existing and new users, enabling them to access the VSAT’s internet connection seamlessly.

UH-60 Crewmember 15T2F

Demonstrates exceptional proficiency as an UH-60 Crewmember, specializing in the installation and maintenance of aircraft subsystem assemblies, including engines, rotors, gearboxes, transmissions, and mechanical flight controls, along with their respective components. Diligently services and lubricates aircraft and their subsystems, ensuring optimal performance. Meticulously prepares aircraft for inspections and maintenance checks, conducting both scheduled and special inspections with precision. Assists in diagnosing and troubleshooting aircraft subsystems, employing a meticulous approach. Maintains accurate forms and records related to maintenance activities. Additionally, fulfills in-flight duties as a non-rated flight crew member, contributing to the overall operational success.

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