MQ-1 Unmanned Aircraft Systems Repairer Duty Descriptions

MQ-1 Unmanned Aircraft Systems Repairer

The MQ-1 Unmanned Aircraft Systems Repairer supervises, inspects, and performs field maintenance on MQ-1 unmanned aircraft systems. They are responsible for repairing various systems including electrical, avionics, radio frequency, propulsion, and fuel systems. They also handle the removal and replacement of optical payload and weapons systems, along with the associated electrical, electronic, and mechanical components. Additionally, they maintain the electrical and electronic systems of the Ground Control Station, Ground Data Terminal, takeoff and landing systems, and associated ground support equipment. They record all maintenance activities related to the MQ-1 UAS in forms and records.

15M UH-1 Helicopter Repairer

The 15M UH-1 Helicopter Repairer specializes in the maintenance and repair of UH-1 aircraft. Their responsibilities include removing and installing subsystem assemblies such as engines, rotors, gearboxes, transmissions, mechanical flight controls, and other components. They perform services, lubrication, inspections, and maintenance checks on the aircraft and subsystems. They assist with scheduled and special inspections, as well as limited maintenance operational checks and troubleshooting using specialized tools and equipment. They also maintain and perform operator maintenance on tools, special tools, and aircraft ground support equipment. Additionally, they complete necessary forms and records related to aircraft maintenance.

Quality Assurance 15M30

The Quality Assurance 15M30 personnel play a crucial role in maintaining the operational integrity and quality control of the 15M UH-1 Helicopter Repairer operations. They perform operational checks and scheduled inspections to ensure compliance with directives, technical manuals, work standards, safety procedures, and operational policies. They provide technical guidance to subordinate personnel involved in aircraft and subsystem maintenance and evaluate the technical training program. They also evaluate maintenance operations and facilities, analyze maintenance trends, and apply production control and quality control principles to aircraft maintenance operations. They participate in maintenance test flights, conduct aircraft technical inspections, and ensure compliance with aircraft configuration control, the Army Oil Analysis Program, and calibration of Test Measuring Diagnostic Equipment.

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