MOS 15E Unmanned Aircraft Systems Repairer Duty Descriptions

Unmanned Aircraft Systems Repair

Supervisor Assumes the role of an Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Repair Supervisor, responsible for managing the training, health, and welfare of ## NCOs and ## enlisted UAS maintainers. Provides instruction, coaching, and mentoring to junior managers in the areas of management, training, and physical fitness. Supervises UAS maintenance activities for assigned aircraft and ground control stations. Oversees ## million dollars worth of aviation equipment during deployment operations and in garrison. Ensures proper accountability and functionality of section tools and equipment. Prepares for and adapts to changing aircraft mission requirements. Supports personnel in performing to standard while adhering to safety protocols.


Assumes supervisory responsibilities for unmanned aircraft systems maintenance and technical inspection activities. Determines manpower, resources, and facility requirements for repairing unmanned aircraft systems and associated equipment. Plans maintenance areas, component repair, technical inspection techniques, and procedures in accordance with directives, technical manuals, work standards, and operational policies. Maintains supply economy and discipline. Supervises the unmanned aircraft systems technical training program. Prepares evaluations, special reports, and records related to unmanned aircraft systems maintenance. Recommends and administers plans and policies.


Performs duties described in paragraph (1) and provides technical guidance to subordinate personnel. Serves as a crew chief for launch and recovery operations. Monitors hazardous material control and storage. Schedules maintenance on test, measurement, and diagnostic equipment. Modifies or alters material as per approved modification work orders.

MOS 15E30

Supervises repairs, services, and maintenance on UAS systems for assigned aircraft and ground control stations. Assumes responsibility for the health, welfare, professional development, and training of two NCOs and 7 enlisted UAS maintainers. Ensures proper accountability and functionality of section tools and equipment. Prepares for and adapts to changing aircraft mission requirements. Supervises the removal, installation, and reconfiguration of aircraft systems as needed. Maintains accurate aircraft, weapons, and system maintenance records.

MOS 15E1O Crewmember

Diagnoses, troubleshoots, and repairs malfunctions in UAS electrical, avionics, radio frequency, propulsion, fuel, optical payload, and weapon systems components. Performs inspections and periodic maintenance on the aircraft, ground control station, ground data terminal, takeoff and landing systems, and associated ground support equipment. Performs aircraft fueling.

MOS 15E1O Crewmember

Serves as a crewmember, performing launch and recovery operations. Conducts maintenance and authorized modifications on UAS components. Repairs, replaces, and performs operational and preventive checks and alignments on aircraft flight controls, stabilization systems, avionics, and controlled cryptographic equipment. Troubleshoots equipment wiring harnesses, electrical components, and radio frequency paths using technical manuals and schematic drawings. Utilizes test sets and diagnostic equipment. Maintains records on all system equipment. Prepares necessary forms and records related to MOS.

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