MOS 14Z, Air Defense Artillery (ADA) Senior Sergeant

14Z50 Battery First Sergeant Serves as the First Sergeant of an Air Defense Patriot Battery, playing a crucial role in advising the Battery Commander on administrative and tactical operations. The First Sergeant assumes supervision over the daily operations of one Fire Control Platoon, one Launcher Platoon, and one Headquarters Platoon. They bear the responsibility for the health and welfare of 17 Noncommissioned Officers (NCOs), 48 Soldiers, and their families. Additionally, the First Sergeant oversees the upkeep of one Company Operation Facility, ensuring its proper functioning. They are accountable for the medical and physical readiness of 65 Soldiers, actively promoting their well-being. Furthermore, the First Sergeant provides guidance and oversight for the battery counseling, reception and integration, and sponsorship programs, facilitating a supportive and cohesive environment for all personnel.

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