MOS 14T PATRIOT Launching Station Operator/Maintainer

Assistant Launcher Section Chief

Assumes the critical role of the Assistant Launcher Section Chief within a Patriot Air Defense battery with a contingency mission for the European Command (EUCOM) area of operations. The Assistant Launcher Section Chief holds responsibility for the training, discipline, health and welfare, and morale of four Soldiers and their Families. Additionally, they are accountable for the employment, maintenance, accountability, and effective utilization of all vehicles and equipment assigned to the Launcher Platoon, which are valued at over $3,000,000.

Launcher Section Chief

Serves as the Launcher Section Chief for a Patriot Air Defense Artillery (ADA) battalion, which is an integral part of the 69th ADA Brigade with a worldwide contingency mission in support of the 32nd Air and Missile Defense Command (AAAMDC). The Launcher Section Chief assumes responsibility for the training, professional development, morale, and welfare of seven Soldiers and their families. They provide supervision and training to launcher crewmembers, ensuring the provision of effective Air and Missile Defense for geopolitical assets worldwide. Furthermore, the Launcher Section Chief is accountable for the maintenance and accountability of two Launcher Stations and conventional equipment valued in excess of $4,000,000.

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