Field Artillery Senior Sergeant Duty Descriptions

13Z5M First Sergeant

Serves as the senior enlisted advisor to the Commander, providing valuable guidance and support in accomplishing the unit’s assigned missions. Assumes responsibility for the care and welfare of the unit, ensuring the well-being of all assigned Soldiers, NCOs, and Officers. Takes charge of training, administration, discipline, professional development, personnel accountability, safety, and morale, fostering a culture of excellence and readiness. Upholds and enforces standards of conduct, professional growth, and physical readiness to ensure optimal conditions for mission success. Collaborates with the Commander in planning, coordinating, executing, and supervising all operations. Takes pride in leading by example and motivating the unit towards achieving its goals.

MOS 13Z First Sergeant

Assumes responsibility as the First Sergeant of a worldwide deployable FORSCOM Maneuver Field Artillery Battery. Oversees the training, quality of life, safety, morale, health, welfare, discipline, and combat readiness of 88 service members. Acts as the principal advisor to the commander on all enlisted personnel matters and special emphasis areas. Manages the daily operations of the unit, including supply, maintenance, administration, and training functions. Ensures strict adherence to unit discipline and standards. Maintains accountability and serviceability of all assigned Company MTOE equipment and installation property valued at over $20,000,000.

13Z60 FA SGM

Exercises supervision over all enlisted Soldiers in the Tactical Operations Center (TOC) and provides valuable assistance to the S3 with operations functions. Performs and oversees net control duties for the battalion command net, ensuring effective communication within the unit. Maintains the staff journal and message log, keeping accurate records of operational activities. Ensures the situation map and charts are consistently updated. Takes charge of the proper supply and maintenance of the TOC complex. Manages both internal and external tasks, tracking higher-level operations orders for necessary requirements. Assumes the role of NCOIC for all Battalion Tactical Operations, providing strong leadership and guidance.

MOS 13Z Battalion Operations Sergeant

Serves as the Battalion Operations Sergeant for an M119A2 105mm fires Battalion, tasked with providing indirect fires to the 3d Brigade, 1st Infantry Division. Assumes responsibility for the training and readiness of one Headquarters Battery, two firing Batteries, and one forward support Company. Manages the day-to-day operations of the Battalion operations section, including the Battalion fire direction center and counterfire section. Leads a team of six officers, 12 NCOs, and 22 Soldiers. Oversees internal and external taskings, tracks higher-level operations orders, and maintains crew manning rosters and certifications within the battalion.

MOS 13Z First Sergeant

Serves as the First Sergeant, holding formations, instructing platoon sergeants, and serving as the senior trainer for all individual training supporting the unit’s Mission Essential Task List (METL). Acts as the senior enlisted advisor to the commander, providing guidance and support. Coordinates administrative and logistical support, including water and food service, mail, laundry, showers, maintenance, and personnel and equipment evacuation. Monitors the health care, welfare, and sanitation of battery personnel. Plans, coordinates, and executes the evacuation of casualties to the battalion aid station.

MOS 13Z First Sergeant

Assumes the role of the First Sergeant in a 155mm, self-propelled Howitzer (Paladin) Battery. Authorized to lead five officers, 92 Soldiers, and 26 track and wheeled vehicles. Takes responsibility for all aspects of the unit’s discipline, morale, deployability, daily administration, and training. Focuses on supporting the 3rd Armored Cavalry Regiment in fulfilling its worldwide contingency mission. Strategically plans and provides all classes of supply and logistical support to ensure the unit’s operational readiness. Takes charge of the professional development of over 40 NCOs, fostering a culture of continuous growth and improvement. Leads by example, demonstrating a strong commitment to excellence and instilling a sense of pride and motivation within the unit. Maintains open lines of communication and collaborates with the command team to achieve mission success and uphold the highest standards of performance.

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