FA Firefinder Radar Operator Duty Descriptions

13R40 SR. FA Targeting NCO

Serves as the Senior Fire Support Targeting NCO for the Counterfire Operations Section (COS) of the unit; provides valuable assistance and advice to the Counterfire Officer; supervises the activities of the COS; reviews and consolidates requisitions for tools, repair parts, technical supplies, publications, and equipment; coordinates technical support, including meteorological (MET) and survey assistance; ensures coordination of logistics and security requirements and acts as a liaison with the supported unit; assumes the duties of the TA platoon sergeant in their absence; collects and disseminates information provided by the intelligence section; monitors the operations, status, and current and proposed locations of all target acquisition assets; actively participates in the Military Decision Making Process (MDMP).

AN/TPQ-37 Radar Section Chief

Assumed the role of the AN/TPQ-37 Radar Section Chief for HHB, _nd Battalion, __ Field Artillery; led, trained, and supervised Soldiers in the operation and maintenance of the radar and ancillary equipment, as well as conducted operator maintenance on organic communications equipment and vehicles. Provided leadership and training for integrated target acquisition operations and instructed Soldiers in target acquisition tactics, techniques, and procedures. Evaluated, processed, and reported target information to Battalion. Recommended the positioning of direct support target acquisition radar assets, cueing guidance, sectors of search, and radar zone positioning to the Battalion Counter-Fire Officer.

AN/TPQ-37(v)9 Firefinder Section Chief

Performed duties as an AN/TPQ-37(v)9 Firefinder Section Chief in a Target Acquisition Battery (TAB) with a general support mission to the 2nd Infantry Division in the Republic of Korea (ROK); supervised the reconnaissance and emplacement of the radar system; provided supervision and training to the section in radar operations and hasty survey techniques; evaluated, processed, and reported target information to the Battalion or Brigade level; responsible for the maintenance of the AN/TPQ-37(v)9 radar system consisting of two FMTVs, two HMMWVs, and two 60KW generators valued at over $37,000,000.

13R2O/Senior Radar Operator

Assumed the role of the Senior Radar Operator within an AN/TPQ-37 radar section; led and supervised the preparation of operations; operated and maintained firefinder radars; assisted the section chief in the control of Soldiers and equipment; provided technical guidance to four Soldiers; participated in reconnaissance and site selection for the emplacement of the radar; supervised and scheduled operational maintenance of the radar and associated equipment valued at over $20,000,000; assumed the duties of the section chief in their absence.

13R3O/Section Chief

Performed duties as the section chief of an AN/TPQ-36 Fire Finder radar system; responsible for leading, training, and supervising five Soldiers in the technical operations and maintenance of the radar system along with all ancillary equipment; assisted the radar technician in tactical operations and assumed command in their absence; responsible for the accountability of equipment in excess of $9,000,000.

13R4O/Target Acquisition Platoon Sergeant

Assumes the role of the Target Acquisition Platoon Sergeant within an M777A2, 155mm towed howitzer battalion in the 25th Infantry Division; responsible for the training and conduct of 25 Soldiers with five different occupational specialties. Assists the Brigade Counterfire Officer and the Battalion Operations Officer in considering tactical and technical aspects related to the utilization of the AN/TPQ-36 and AN/TPQ-37 radar systems, which hold a value of $29,000,000. Serves as the liaison Noncommissioned Officer, facilitating effective communication and coordination between the brigade and battalion tactical operation centers for all target acquisition assets.

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