• Completed high-quality bilateral training with the Royal Thai Army, demonstrating adaptability and competence with minimal guidance.
  • Conducted several live-fire events with zero incidents as a part of the 1-27IN unit.
  • Fired over 3,000 rounds for the brigade and assisted in certifying 30 RADAR sections and all howitzer sections in Bravo, Alpha, and Charlie batteries.
  • Volunteered to deploy with Bravo in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom 10 and Operation New Dawn.
  • Led the battalion Joint Fires Observers (JFOs) during several training events, showcasing leadership skills and technical knowledge.
  • Provided outstanding support as a digital operator during the Ulchi Freedom Guardian (UFG) Exercise and Division Combine Training Exercise (CTX).
  • Supported West Point ROTC cadets with indirect fires, contributing to their familiarity with field artillery procedures and effects.
  • Played an instrumental role in the successful firing of over 1,500 rounds, enhancing the cadets’ understanding of field artillery.
  • Assisted in the maintenance and accountability of equipment valued at over $600,000.
  • Recognized as an outstanding operator of all fire support digital systems.
  • Ensured all fire support coordination measures were accurately updated and in place.
  • Arranged and performed fielding testing for the Rockwell Collins DAGR SDA system.
  • Certified 25 personnel from HHB and 9 from Bravo on the Defense Advanced GPS Receiver (DAGR).
  • Provided digital fire support communication equipment for the battalion’s fire support team.
  • Assisted with the clearance of fires and air de-confliction for all fire support missions during the Division Combined Training Exercise, Ulchi Freedom Guardian, and Yama Sakura.
  • Acquired and provided an operational need statement to obtain the Viper Vector 21B Laser Range Finder for the battalion’s Fire Support team.
  • Led the fires brigade in fire support technology, operating as the only Fully Integrated Systems Technician (FIST) with a Viper Vector 21B.
  • Conducted call-for-fire Noncommissioned Officer Professional Development (NCOPD) and Officer Professional Development (OPD) sessions to enhance understanding of fire support.
  • Maintained a strong emphasis on battle drills, maximizing indirect fire assets in all contacts.
  • Demonstrated sound judgment in planning and executing numerous fire support assets to support troop operations.


  • Demonstrates unwavering commitment to the Army’s mission while upholding the highest standards of integrity and loyalty.
  • Exhibits exceptional character, showcasing both tactical and technical competence.
  • Clearly displays moral and physical courage by standing up for principles and values.
  • Showed loyalty and dedication to the mission and Soldiers even in adverse conditions, persistently pushing forward. However, needs a complete understanding of the significance of all Army Values.
  • Exhibits motivation at times but falls short of fully embodying and reflecting the standards of Army Values expected of an NCO.


  • Chosen to fulfill the duties and responsibilities of both a SFAAT Personnel Security Detachment NCOIC and SFAAT Platoon Sergeant for a team comprising 24 personnel.
  • Successfully manages the responsibilities of both SFAAT Platoon Sergeant and PSD NCOIC amidst rapidly changing mission requirements across three separate areas of operations.
  • Demonstrates confidence and expertise in tactical and technical knowledge while overseeing the security detail for over 15 Shurras and multiple daily meetings with Local National Leaders.
  • Fulfills the duties and responsibilities of an SFAAT PSD Rifle Squad Leader, responsible for five Soldiers and the supervision of a team of 24 personnel’s overwatch and security.
  • Confidently exhibits abilities in both technical and tactical knowledge while providing security for over 15 Shurras with Local National Leaders and engaging in numerous daily meetings.
  • Proven ability to adapt quickly to changing and demanding requirements of various situations, approaching every task with confidence, purpose, and unwavering dedication.
  • Flawlessly fulfills the duties and responsibilities as SFAAT Operations Sergeant and Senior Fires NCO, as well as ANCOP maintenance team mentor, in a combat zone.
  • Demonstrates the ability to adapt swiftly to changing and demanding situations, confidently taking on any task with a sense of purpose and confidence.
  • Seizes every opportunity for self-improvement, even in the fast-paced and continuously demanding environment of forward combat operations, exemplified by completing SSD level 3.
  • Successfully performs duties as the S1 Personnel NCO despite a continuously changing operational tempo and battle rhythm while being assigned to multiple Battle Space Owners.
  • Occasionally performs above average; however, can be inconsistent and unreliable at times, lacking the required level of maturity to fulfill NCO duties effectively.


  • Assists in the development of the first-ever ANCOP Leaders book, receiving commendation from the ANCOP Commanding General and subsequent adoption as the foundation for all future Leaders books.
  • Sets the standard of expectations for NCOs and leaders, resulting in three Soldiers of the SFAAT being acknowledged for excellence by MG Anderson, the 4th ID Commander.
  • Provides leadership skills necessary for the accomplishment of SFAAT missions by leveraging in-depth knowledge of mission requirements and the well-being of his Soldiers.
  • Devotes countless hours to preparing his team through crew drills and battle drills, ensuring the readiness of his soldiers throughout the deployment.
  • Demonstrates a clear and determined mindset, maintaining mental focus while remaining flexible in support of the ever-changing operational tempo in the Afghanistan Theater of Operations.
  • Leads by example, epitomizing the qualities of an ideal NCO: proactive, intelligent, and a values-driven leader who inspires and genuinely cares for his Soldiers.
  • Recognized as one of eight soldiers for leadership excellence by MG Anderson, the 4th ID Commander, as well as numerous SFAAT Commanders, and awarded the commanders coin.
  • Exhibits professional leadership while remaining adaptable and mission-focused in the face of rapidly changing requirements under three different Battle Space Owners.
  • Diligently prepares transition plans for his team, ensuring a seamless shift from combat operations through the relief-in-place process to maximize adaptability for the new SFAAT team.
  • Embraces the need for improvement by willingly taking on additional responsibilities related to Soldier development.
  • Demonstrates the potential to be an effective leader but requires further development and reinforcement of leadership skills to assume the role and responsibilities of an NCO.


  • Portrays a strong military bearing and mental resilience, instilling confidence in his Soldiers, peers, and superiors through his can-do attitude and resolute approach to any situation.
  • Challenges his soldiers to strive for self-improvement by implementing a rigorous physical fitness program, conducting an APFT while actively participating in combat operations.
  • Exhibits remarkable mental and physical endurance, consistently setting the example in all aspects of his duties, surpassing standards even in highly stressful situations.
  • Sets a remarkable example in all aspects of his duties, consistently exceeding standards in high-pressure situations, meeting all deadlines and completing tasks ahead of schedule.
  • Develops a comprehensive physical training plan while in the combat zone to enhance team performance.
  • Demonstrates incredible endurance, investing countless hours in the well-being of his Soldiers and their Families.
  • Strives for and achieves significant progress in overall military bearing while assigned to the SFAT team, continuously growing personally and professionally.
  • Falls short of meeting both APFT and height and weight screening standards.


  • Prepares and conducts multiple drivers and maintenance train-the-trainer courses for the 2-2 ANCOP Kandak, supporting ISAF’s “Afghans in the lead” campaign.
  • Plays an instrumental role in the success of SFAT Team 33, being recognized as the top SFAAT Mentor Team out of 47 teams, showcasing an unwavering commitment to mentorship and training.
  • Empowers and mentors soldiers and junior NCOs by implementing team-developed, conducted, and peer-evaluated classes, overseeing the evaluation of 22 classes.
  • Develops, prepares, and conducts “train-the-trainer” courses for counter IED operations for the 2-2 ANCOP Kandak, in support of ISAF’s “Afghans in the lead” campaign.
  • Instrumental in the success of SFAT Team 33, recognized as the top SFAT Mentor Team out of 47 teams, consistently pursuing excellence in mentorship and training.
  • Assists in mentoring and training seven local national linguists in basic instructor responsibilities, expanding their role as assistant instructors.
  • Develops and implements training models for maintenance and drivers training, subsequently adopted and incorporated into ANCOP Brigade doctrine, ensuring self-sustainment.
  • Successfully mentors and trains seven local national linguists in basic instructor responsibilities, expanding their role as assistant instructors.
  • Dedicates countless hours to training and mentoring junior leaders, guiding them on their responsibilities and duties while prioritizing the needs of all Soldiers and fostering self-improvement.
  • Successfully completes the Joint Fires Observer Course in preparation for duties as SFAT FSO, supporting ISAF Operations throughout Afghanistan.
  • Performs assigned internal team and ANCOP counterpart training to standard on multiple occasions, contributing to the overall success of the mission.


  • Oversees the maintenance of four MATVs, enabling the team to carry out over 100 successful Combat, Joint Forces, and Logistical patrols without any incidents.
  • Demonstrates a high standard of safety and accountability uncommon among NCOs of the same rank, successfully managing over 6 million dollars’ worth of equipment without any losses.
  • Manages the maintenance of four MATVs, ensuring all vehicles are fully mission capable, resulting in the completion of over 100 Combat, Joint Forces, and Logistical patrols without encountering any issues.
  • Establishes unquestionable integrity and takes responsibility for his actions and those of his Soldiers, promptly addressing and rectifying any issues that arise.
  • Fosters an environment that prioritizes composite risk management, leading to zero accidents during the specified rating period.Implements a rigorous maintenance program for four MATVs, resulting in a perfect Operational/Ready (O/R) rating of 100%, contributing to over 40 successful combat patrols without any incidents.
  • Designs and executes a highly effective CASEVAC modification for the MATV, reflecting his ingenuity in all aspects of operations.
  • Demonstrates a commitment to composite risk management, ensuring zero accidents during the rated period.
  • Takes ownership of his actions and embraces a forward-thinking approach, utilizing lessons learned to continually improve his responsibilities and accountability as a Soldier.
  • Collaborates exceptionally well and achieves outstanding results under supervision. However, he needs to further develop his ability to work independently.

Senior Rater

  • Highly recommended for promotion to the rank of Master Sergeant ahead of his peers, exhibiting the potential to excel in positions of increased responsibilities.
  • Strongly recommended for selection in advanced NCO schooling and placement in the most challenging duty positions available, as he is expected to exceed all expectations.
  • Displays unparalleled proficiency as a personnel manager, possessing unlimited potential to serve in higher-responsibility roles. Sets a standard of excellence and expects nothing less.
  • Leads from the front, embodying the ideal characteristics of an NCO: assertive, intelligent, and a values-based leader who inspires and genuinely cares for his Soldiers.
  • Immediate demotion to Specialist (SPC) is warranted.
  • Prioritize the development of leadership skills before considering him for NCOES schooling.
  • Performs below the expected level of a junior leader.
  • Assignments should focus on developing fundamental leadership abilities.


  • During the leader training program at Fort Irwin, the service member effectively contributed to the team’s success by actively participating and performing their role.
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