Fire Direction Specialist Duty Descriptions

FDC for Tank Battery

Sets up at the firing location; verifies registration and calculates and applies corrections for meteorological conditions and muzzle velocity; operates the battery computer unit, including entering known data, computing firing data, and processing messages; sets up and operates observed or surveyed firing charts; establishes and maintains secure radio and wire communications; transmits firing data to firing elements using the battery computer system (BCS); operates and performs maintenance on section vehicles and generators; conducts crew maintenance and participates in organizational maintenance of section equipment.

Fire Direction Control (FDC) Supervisor

Assists the fire direction officer and platoon sergeant in planning and executing individual and collective training for the section; records fire mission-related information and maintains ammunition status; compiles target lists and prepares target overlays; maintains situational awareness; monitors the processing of fire requests and computation of firing data, ensuring accuracy; supervises the construction, camouflage, and defense of the section position; directs the performance of operators, crews, and organizational maintenance on section vehicles and equipment.

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